Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award
Distinguished Contributions to Research in Education Award


2014 Recipients 

Douglas Fuchs
Vanderbilt University

Lynn S. Fuchs
Vanderbilt University

Doug and Lynn Fuchs are an extraordinary team of scholars who have devoted their careers to improving the lives of children with disabilities or at risk for school failure. Through their rigorously conducted and highly cited research, often done in collaboration with teachers and school administrators, they have designed and tested assessment and instructional strategies that increase the school achievement of students with diverse learning needs. The recipients of numerous awards for their research, they are the inaugural holders of the Nicholas Hobbs Chair in Special Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University, and have been named as AERA Fellows. Their work, characterized by vision, integrity, and generosity, has impacted research, policy, and practice, as well as the preparation of the next generation of scholars committed to improving the lives of children.

Adam Gamoran
William T. Grant Foundation

Adam Gamoran is a distinguished scholar who produces acclaimed high-impact research and policy work in education and sociology. A member of the National Academy of Education and an inaugural AERA Fellow, he has served on the NRC’s Board on Science Education and as a presidential appointee to the National Board for Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education. He also was the John D. MacArthur Professor of Sociology and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, where he served as director of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. He is currently the president of the William T. Grant Foundation. A prolific scholar, his research agenda has concerned the organization of schools, ability grouping and tracking, standards-based reform, and educational inequality and stratification. Throughout his outstanding career, he has been committed to theoretical engagement, methodological rigor, mentorship and service to the profession, and unwavering efforts to improve the educational opportunities and life chances of disadvantaged youth.

This award is given to honor a meritorious contributor to educational research; its purpose is to publicize, motivate, encourage, and suggest models for educational research at its best. 

From 1964 through 1973 the award was given jointly with Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) and was known as the AERA-PDK Awards. After 1974 AERA took sole responsibility for making the selection. 

Past Recipients

2013 - Alan H. Schoenfeld
2012 - Guadalupe Valdés
2011 - Catherine Snow
2010 - P. David Pearson
2009 - Linda Darling-Hammond
2008 - David Wolcott Johnson
2007 - Milbrey Wallin McLaughlin
2006 - Stephen W. Raudenbush
2005 - Gene V. Glass
2004 - Lorrie A. Shepard
2003 - Anthony S. Bryk
2002 - Shirley Brice Heath
2001 - Robert LeVine
2000 - Edmund Gordon
1999 - David K. Cohen
1998 - John Ogbu
1997 - Robert Linn
1996 - David C. Berliner
1995 - Maxine Greene
1994 - Richard C. Anderson
1993 - John I. Goodlad
1992 - David Tyack
1991 - Ann L. Brown
1990 - Lauren Resnick
1989 - Lee S. Shulman
1988 - N. L. Gage
1987 - Michael Cole
1986 - Courtney B. Cazden
1985 - Jerome S. Bruner
1984 - Eleanor Maccoby
1983 - Anne Anastasi
1982 - Jeanne S. Chall
1981 - Donald T. Campbell
1980 - Julian C. Stanley
1979 - John Bissell Carroll
1978 - B. F. Skinner
1977 - Lee J. Cronbach
1976 - Robert Glaser
1975 - Urie Bronfenbrenner
1974 - James S. Coleman
1973 - Robert J. Havighurst
1972 - Robert M. Gagne
1971 - Patrick Suppes
1970 - Benjamin S. Bloom
1969 - Lawrence A. Cremin
1968 - Jean Piaget & Barbel Inhelder
1967 - E. F. Lindquist
1966 - T. R. McConnell
1965 - Ralph W. Tyler
1964 - Arthur I. Gates

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