Presidential Citation
Presidential Citation


2016 Recipients
Presidential Citations by AERA President Jeannie Oakes

This citation recognizes Dr. Amy Stuart Wells for her extraordinary contributions to sociological knowledge about how education policies connect with cultural concerns over race, social stratification, and access to high-quality schooling. Her work examines efforts to equalize schooling advantages by investigating how culture, ideology, and racial politics affect educational policy making, implementation, and the structures, opportunities, and outcomes that follow. Answering significant research questions using rigorous qualitative case study methods informed by a deep understanding of sociological theory, Dr. Wells demonstrates how the perpetuation of racial inequality in schools is part of a broader, often subconscious ideology that constrains the realization of racial justice.

This citation recognizes Dr. John S. Rogers for his extraordinary research investigating whether and how active engagement by communities negatively affected by schooling inequalities can help shift policy and practice in ways that bring high-quality educational opportunities and experiences. Combining Deweyean theory of participatory social inquiry and action, collaboration between grassroots groups and educators, and careful empirical methods, his public scholarship brings new insights into the efficacy of community-based action research and social movement organizing. It teaches us that such public engagement promises to generate both knowledge and power needed to disrupt the cultural norms and politics of privilege that sustain structures of inequality.

Special Recognition

Dr. Kevin G. Welner, Program Chair of the 2016 AERA Annual Meeting, is Professor of Education at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he directs the National Education Policy Center (NEPC). The author of 7 books and more than 80 articles and book chapters, he is an AERA Fellow and recipient of AERA’s Early Career and Palmer O. Johnson Awards. Respected by academics and persuasive to a fair-minded public and journalists, Dr. Welner and NEPC provide accessibly written and high-quality research, policy briefs, and other documents to support democratic deliberation about education policy. For us, his colleagues, he is the funniest serious person we know.

Dr. Michelle Renée Valladares
is Associate Director of the National Education Policy Center, University of Colorado Boulder. As the Program Vice Chair of this year’s AERA Annual Meeting, she brings skills and talents drawn from the demanding and intersecting worlds of scholarly research and teaching, national and state politics, philanthropic foundations, and her personal lifelong commitment to social justice. Dr. Valladares combines her deep organizational understanding and grasp of research with a powerful regard for people in and outside the academy. She is a steady catalyst for finding common purpose and getting important work done well.

Recipients are selected by the President of AERA for distinguished service and/or significant contributions to education research.            

Past Recipients

2015 - Etta R. Hollins and Adelaide L. Sanford by AERA President Joyce E. King

2014 - Larry V. Hedges and Felice J. Levine by AERA President Barbara Schneider

2013 - Shirley Brice Heath, Yvonne Sessions Lincoln, and John Brooks Slaughter by AERA President William G. Tierney

2012 - Kofi Lomotey, Cynthia A. Tyson and Rick R. McCown by AERA President Arnetha Ball

2011 -  Linda Darling-Hammond, Patricia Gandara and Mike Rose by AERA President Kris D. Gutiérrez

2010 - Luis C. Moll, Geoffrey B. Saxe, and William F. Tate by AERA President Carol D. Lee

2009 - Richard J. Shavelson and Carol H. Weiss by AERA President Lorraine M. McDonnell

2008 - Walter R. Allen, Patricia F. Campbell, and John Q. Easton by AERA President William F. Tate

2007 - Edmund W. Gordon and Robert E. Stake by AERA President Eva L. Baker

2006 - Beverly M. Gordon by AERA President Gloria Ladson-Billings

2005 - Ann Lieberman by AERA President Marilyn Cochran-Smith

2004 - Ralph J. Putnam by AERA President Hilda Borko

2003 - Robert Glaser by AERA President Robert L. Linn

2002 - Fred Neumann, Lloyd Bond, and Mike Smith by AERA President Andrew C. Porter

000 - Pat Graham by AERA President Lorrie A. Shepard

1998 - Elizabeth Cohen by AERA President James A. Banks

1997 - Elizabeth Fennema by AERA President Penelope L. Peterson

1995 - James Comer, M.D. by AERA President Jane A. Stallings

1994 - Jerome Brunner by AERA President Ann L. Brown 
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