Presidential Citation
Presidential Citation


2017 Recipients

Presidential Citations 
by AERA President Vivian L. Gadsden

Alfredo J. Artiles
This citation recognizes Dr. Artiles for his major contributions to research and scholarship on equity across areas of inequality within the United States and across five continents. His interdisciplinary scholarship examines the ways that cultural practices and ideologies of difference mediate school responses to students’ needs, and focuses on teacher learning for social justice. Dr. Artiles is widely known for his critical analyses of special education placement practices as a window into schools’ cultural constructions of difference. When he assumed his role as dean of graduate education, Arizona State University wrote, “He has made a career of improving education and opening new avenues in learning for students across cultures.” His strength of purpose and depth of intellect are reflected in his unwavering dedication to addressing questions of discrimination and difference and promoting academic excellence for equity and change.

Henry T. Frierson
This citation recognizes Dr. Frierson for his scholarly contributions to inquiry in program evaluation and educational psychology and his unswerving commitment to supporting the next generation of education researchers and scholars. His vision for collaboration across fields and communities of researchers is most notable in the research roundtable for scholars of color at AERA’s annual meetings, which he has organized for 21 years. New-career scholars meet with senior scholars around scholarly and practical transitions to the academy, are welcomed into the field, and are motivated to become rigorous researchers. Associate vice president and dean of the graduate school at the University of Florida, Dr. Frierson has dedicated his life’s work to examining the effects of mentoring, examining effective and efficient production of doctoral recipients from high-quality programs, reducing inequality, and advancing equal educational opportunity in the academy.

Gloria J. Ladson-Billings
This citation recognizes Dr. Ladson-Billings for her extraordinary contributions to education research and practice. Reframing debates ranging from teaching and pedagogy to the achievement gap, her scholarship on critical race theory, access, and the education debt is widely acclaimed. Her conceptual analysis of the role of teachers and theorizing on teaching situate both as the mainstay for why and how students engage in learning, sustain that engagement, and make sense of their experiences in and out of school. Dr. Ladson-Billings’s cutting-edge work reminds us, as well, that the acts and processes of teaching, schooling, and learning form the basis for belief—that is, a guiding philosophy that all children matter; all teachers are capable of engaging and respecting the diversity of students; and, through our research, we can make a difference in efforts toward equity, change, and equal opportunity.

Special Recognition

Angela E. Arzubiaga, Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair, is an associate professor in justice and social inquiry and graduate director of justice studies at Arizona State University. The recipient of multiple awards for her scholarship, including a citation from the International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development, Dr. Arzubiaga was a Spencer and Bernard Van Leer investigator on the “Children of Immigrants in U.S. Preschool: Parent and Teacher Perspectives and the Children Crossing Borders” studies. Her research crosses national and international boundaries and focuses on the education of children of immigrants and immigrant families, and the use of media contexts to promote diversity. Drawing upon her breadth of knowledge on issues relevant to the theme and her rich ideas, organizational skills, and engaging approach to the preparation of the Annual Meeting, Dr. Arzubiaga helped to make the planning process seamless.

James Earl Davis, Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair, is the Bernard C. Watson Endowed Chair in Urban Education and professor of higher education and educational leadership at Temple University. Known for his investigations on the construction of gender identity and ties to school engagement and achievement, Dr. Davis draws on his deep cross-disciplinary knowledge of gender issues in applying his work to gender-based education policy and school reforms. His scholarly contributions have provided new insights into how the confluence of race and gender identities informs schooling experiences and outcomes, especially for Black boys and young men. As a leader in the field, Dr. Davis’s contributions to the preparations for the Annual Meeting included broad knowledge across disciplines, understanding of the complex issues facing the field, thoughtful interactions, and openness to new ideas.

Recipients are selected by the President of AERA for distinguished service and/or significant contributions to education research.            

Past Recipients

2016 - Amy Stuart Wells and John S. Rogers by AERA President Jeannie Oakes

2015 - Etta R. Hollins and Adelaide L. Sanford by AERA President Joyce E. King

2014 - Larry V. Hedges and Felice J. Levine by AERA President Barbara Schneider

2013 - Shirley Brice Heath, Yvonne Sessions Lincoln, and John Brooks Slaughter by AERA President William G. Tierney

2012 - Kofi Lomotey, Cynthia A. Tyson and Rick R. McCown by AERA President Arnetha Ball

2011 -  Linda Darling-Hammond, Patricia Gandara and Mike Rose by AERA President Kris D. Gutiérrez

2010 - Luis C. Moll, Geoffrey B. Saxe, and William F. Tate by AERA President Carol D. Lee

2009 - Richard J. Shavelson and Carol H. Weiss by AERA President Lorraine M. McDonnell

2008 - Walter R. Allen, Patricia F. Campbell, and John Q. Easton by AERA President William F. Tate

2007 - Edmund W. Gordon and Robert E. Stake by AERA President Eva L. Baker

2006 - Beverly M. Gordon by AERA President Gloria Ladson-Billings

2005 - Ann Lieberman by AERA President Marilyn Cochran-Smith

2004 - Ralph J. Putnam by AERA President Hilda Borko

2003 - Robert Glaser by AERA President Robert L. Linn

2002 - Fred Neumann, Lloyd Bond, and Mike Smith by AERA President Andrew C. Porter

000 - Pat Graham by AERA President Lorrie A. Shepard

1998 - Elizabeth Cohen by AERA President James A. Banks

1997 - Elizabeth Fennema by AERA President Penelope L. Peterson

1995 - James Comer, M.D. by AERA President Jane A. Stallings

1994 - Jerome Brunner by AERA President Ann L. Brown 
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