AERA 2022 SIG Sessions
AERA 2022 SIG Sessions
Semiotics in Education SIG Business Meeting

VIRTUAL Business Meeting of the Semiotics in Education: Signs, Meanings, and Multimodality SIG

Fri, April 22, 6:00 to 7:30pm, Virtual 


Mary B. McVee, University at Buffalo – SUNY

Business Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda - Goals for SIG 2021-2022
    • SIG book series and first volume: Toward Critical Multimodality: Theory, Research, and Practice in Transformative Educational Spaces
    • Graduate Student SIG Involvement
    • Awards and Upcoming Events
Semiotics in Education SIG Sessions

Events on Thursday April 21, 2022


Freedom Dreaming: Black and Latinx Youths' Multimodal Compositions of Future Selves and Literacies

Thu, April 21, 8:00 to 9:30am, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Floor: 2nd Level, Harbor Tower, Balboa A


Our symposium presents critical studies that disrupt and dismantle dominant narratives that narrowly circumscribe the futures of Black and Latinx youth. Recognizing the urgent need for critical qualitative research that privileges Black and Latinx youth as multimodal knowledge makers, we address two key questions: 1) What might qualitative researchers learn from Black and Latinx youths’ multimodal compositional practices of dreaming in a broken world? and 2) How might qualitative research inform practitioners’ understanding of how these youth multimodally design social futures that are self-determined, liberatory, and hopeful? Consistent with the conference theme, our symposium fosters critical dialogue about what it means to create equitable educational systems that foster racial justice and nurture the freedom dreaming of Black and Latinx youth.

Symposium Co-Chairs: Jennifer D. Turner, University of Maryland; Autumn A. Griffin, University of Pennsylvania

Symposium Discussant: Rossina Zamora Liu, University of Maryland


"Mi Lucha es Tu Lucha; Tu Lucha es Mi Lucha": Latinx Immigrant Youth Organizers Facilitating a New Common Sense Through Coalitional Multimodal Literacies

Alicia Rusoja, Saint Mary's College of California

Yared Portillo, University of California – Berkeley

Olivia Vazquez Ponce, Swarthmore College

“Getting Lost in Stars and Glitter”: Black Girls’ Multimodal Literacies as Portals to New Suns

Grace D. Player, University of Connecticut – Storrs

Oluwaseun Animashaun, Teachers College, Columbia University

“We can be leaders”: Minoritized youths’ subjugated (civic) knowledges and social futures in two urban contexts.

Sophia Rodriguez, University of Maryland

Kristin Sinclair, Georgetown University

Timothy Monreal, California State University

From Black Girl Exclusion to Black Girl Empowerment: Understanding One Black Girl’s Digital and STEAM Literacy Practices as Empowering, Liberatory, and Agentic

Tisha Lewis Ellison, The University of Georgia

Tairan Qiu, University of Georgia - Athens

Poster Session

Translanguaging and Transmodality in Education

Thu, April 21, 2:30 to 4:00pm, San Diego Convention Center, Floor: Upper Level, Sails Pavilion


Facilitating the Comprehension of Academic Content in TOEFL iBT Test Preparation Classroom

Qinghua Chen Simon Fraser University

Multimodal literacy in secondary language arts classes: Genre appropriation and emerging critical consciousness

J. Hannah Park, The University of Texas - San Antonio

(Re)Representing Communication in Mathematics Teaching: The Role of Researcher Identities in Video Analysis

Gabrielle Elizabeth Bernal, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Karin Brown, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Lindsey Mann, University of Michigan

Paper Session

Multimodality and Translanguaging: Critical Perspectives

Thu, April 21, 4:15 to 5:45pm, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Floor: 2nd Level, Harbor Tower, Balboa A


Translanguaging and Transmodalities: A Dialog on Languaging and Semiotics toward Educational Equity

Margaret R. Hawkins, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Wei Li, University College London (UCL)

Karen Refugee-Background Students’ Exploration of Linguistic and Cultural Identities Through Multimodal Creative Artwork

Saem Heo, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Discursive Constructions of Femininities in Farsi Language Textbooks in Iran: A Critical Multimodal Analysis

Aylar Adeh, Simon Fraser University

Re-Storying Deaf Representations Through #OwnVoices Comics

Betsy Beckert, Boston University

Transmodalising Pedagogy for STEM Disciplinary Literacy for Young Emergent Bilingual Learners

Sujin Kim, George Mason University

Events on Friday April 22, 2022

Poster Session

Multimodality, Embodiment, and Emerging Identities

Fri, April 22, 8:00 to 9:30am, San Diego Convention Center, Floor: Upper Level, Sails Pavilion


Embodied Communication and Collaboration within Making Activities

Ekta Shokeen, University of Maryland - College Park

Nihal Katirci, University of Maryland - College Park

Amber Simpson, Binghamton University - SUNY

Caroline "Caro" Cassie-Marie Williams-Pierce, University of Maryland, College Park

Envisioning Black Joy: A Multimodal Ensemble

Author Lucy K. Spence, University of South Carolina

Multimodality, Language and Race: the Academic Trajectories of Latin American International Students in Canadian Higher Education

Pedro L dos Santos, Simon Fraser University

Virtual Symposium

Translanguaging for Critical Literacy: An Expansive, Ecological View of Language

Fri, April 22, 9:45 to 11:15am PDT (9:45 to 11:15am PDT), SIG Virtual Rooms, SIG-Semiotics in Education: Signs, Meanings and Multimodality Virtual Paper Session Room


Sunny Man Chu Lau, Bishop's University

Zhongfeng Tian, The University of Texas at San Antonio


Hilary Janks, University of the Witwatersrand

Angel M. Y. Lin, Simon Fraser University


Aiming to disrupt raciolinguistic ideologies, this symposium articulates and showcases studies that adopt a critical heteroglossic perspective toward translanguaging (TL) pedagogies that focus on critical literacy (CL) and embrace an expansive, ecological, distributed view of language to offer new lenses/dimensions for critical engagements. This symposium features a conceptual paper articulating such an expansive view of critical TL aimed for greater change-enhancing possibilities in additional language classrooms. Three presentations on classroom research will follow, speaking to how such critical TL approaches (e.g., legitimizing whole-body sense making, leveraging non-alphabetic, embodied Indigenous literacies, and creating TikToks for heritage language learners to explore racialized identities) can help challenge coloniality in language and language education in South Africa, Mexico, and U.S.


Critical Literacy and Additional Language Learning: An Expansive View of Translanguaging for Change-Enhancing Possibilities

Sunny Man Chu Lau, Bishop's University

Zhongfeng Tian, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Angel M. Y. Lin, Simon Fraser University

Critical Translanguaging to Disrupt the Coloniality of Language in a South African Teacher Education Class

Carolyn McKinney, University of Cape Town

Literacy Practices of Mexican Indigenous Children

Mario E. Lopez-Gopar, Universityersidad Autonoma Benito Juarez de Oaxaca

TikToks as Resources for Critical Reflection, Discussion and Growth: Pursuing Critical Literacies through Translanguaging Pedagogies in a College Course for ‘Heritage’ Speakers

Josh Lius Prada, Indiana University - IUPUI


Toward Critical Multimodality: Exploring Theory, Research, and Practice in Transformative Educational Spaces

Fri, April 22, 11:30am to 1:00pm, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Floor: 2nd Level, Harbor Tower, Seaport Ballroom A


The purpose of this workshop is to demonstrate integration of diverse theories, research methods, and educational implications with critical multimodality and social semiotics (CMSS). Our goal is to reframe how these theories work together to support de-centering “dominant” (i.e., white, patriarchal, ableist, heteronormative, etc.) ideas of power and what counts as purposeful meaning making among scholars from diverse perspectives and educational contexts. Our workshop will feature breakout groups discussing scholars’ theorizing and research using CMSS relating to: 1) protest; 2) digital storytelling; 3) time, place, and space; and 4) built learning environments. Breakout groups seek to interactively answer: “What can educational researchers learn from the theoretical application of CMSS through the work of scholars across different orientations, institutions, and contexts?”


Katarina Nicole Silvestri, SUNY - College at Cortland

Tiffany M Nyachae, The Pennsylvania State University

Nichole Barrett, University at Buffalo - SUNY


Mary B. McVee, University at Buffalo - SUNY

Breakout Session 1: Protest

Post-it, Milk Tea, Mini-Stonehenge: Multimodal Analysis of Protest Artefacts in 2019-2020 Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement

Jason Manbo Ho, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Disrupting Discourses in Place: Youth Protesters in the Rural Midwest

Amy Walker, Indiana University - Bloomington

Breakout Session 2: Digital Storytelling

Black Joy, Love, and Resistance: Using Digital Storytelling to Center Black Students’ Full Humanity

Davena Jackson, Boston University

It Starts with a (Digital) Story: Agentive Inquiry Through Digital Storytelling

Sara Cooper, Murray State University

Andrea Boyles, Murray State University

Gregory Ramírez, Murray State University

Breakout Session 3: Time, Place, and Space

Black Girl Time-Travelers: Multimodal Practices for Making and Shaping Black Girl Temporalities in Dystopian Worlds

Theda Gibbs Grey, Ohio University

Jennifer Danridge Turner, University of Maryland - College Park

Alexis Young, University of Maryland - College Park

A Collaborative Kaleidoscopic Auto-Ethnography: Leveraging Multimodality in Rural Teacher Education

William Davis, University of Oklahoma

Vicki G Mokuria, Stephen F. Austin State University

Breakout Session 4: Built Learning Environments

Critical Multimodality at the Museum: How a Community-University Partnership Supports Transformative Praxis

Matthew R Deroo, University of Miami

Multimodality as Accessibility: A Critical Perspective on Universal Design in Theory, Research, and Practice

Kyesha Isadore, The Pennsylvania State University - University Park

Angelica Galvan, The Pennsylvania State University - University Park

Events on Tuesday April 26, 2022

Virtual Poster Sessions

Multimodality, Embodiment, and Emerging Identities

Tue, April 26, 9:45 to 11:15am, AERA Virtual Poster Rooms, AERA Virtual Poster Room 1

Drawing and Play as Windows into a Child’s Multimodal Meaning-Making during COVID-19

Laura Brass, The University of British Columbia

Translanguaging and Transmodality in Education

Tue, April 26, 4:15 to 5:45pm, AERA Virtual Poster Rooms, AERA Virtual Poster Room 1

Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Innovating with the “Social System-Genre- Multimodalities (SGM)” framework in online English-medium studies

Yiqi Liu, The Education University of Hong Kong

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