Featuring Member Scholarship
Featuring Member Scholarship
January 2022 Featured Member Scholarship

Sujin Kim

George Mason University
Assistant Professor, College of Education and Human Development


Conceptualizing community translanguaging through a family literacy project

This article conceptualizes “community translanguaging” as collaborative meaning-making among children, their family and community members, and their collective semiotic resources. Using a family literacy project as the research site, this article showcases how participating families built (on) cultural and semiotic wealth beyond the individual’s and across diverse sign systems. Taking an ecological approach and drawing from the notions of spatial repertoires, assemblages, and distributed/collaborative agency, the analysis shows that languaging is inherently social, intertextual, multimodal, and contingent on the dynamic of the semiotic ecology. The expanded concept of community translanguaging counters the coded notion of language and resulting separatist paradigm of language education with pedagogical implications. Leveraging community repertoires provides new opportunities to create educational space(s) where more/various semiotic resources can be drawn upon to maximize creativity in teaching and learning. It also can engage families and communities from diverse backgrounds in ways that empower, rather than marginalize, diverse ways with words and beyond.

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Kim, S., Dorner, L. M., & Song, K. H. (2021). Conceptualizing community translanguaging through a family literacy project. International Multilingual Research Journal, 15(4), 293-316.

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