Who We Are
Who We Are


  • Program Chair/Chair Elect: Dr. Kongji Qin, New York University
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Kevin Wong, Pepperdine University
  • Membership Officer: Dr. Melinda Martin-Beltran, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Leah Shepard-Carey, Drake University
  • Student Representative: Vashti Wai Yu Lee, Michigan State University
  • Webmaster/Social Medial Coordinator: James Cahan, University of Rhode Island


  • Chair: Dr. Liv T. Dávila
  • Program Chair: Dr. David Nieto
  • Membership Officer: Dr. Laura Hamman-Ortiz
  • Treasurer: Dr. Chris Chang-Bacon (2022-2023), Dr. Carrie Symons (2021-2022)
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Zhongfeng Tian (2022-2023), Dr. Christina M. Ponzio (2021-2022)
  • Student Representative: Marisol Masso
  • Webmaster: Dr. Hyonsuk Cho
  • Social Media Coordinator: Dr. Angela Nissing (2022-2023), Dr. Chris Chang-Bacon (2021-2022)


  • Chair: Dr. Luis Poza
  • Program Chair: Dr. Liv T. Dávila
  • Membership Officer:  Dr. Carrie Symons
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Alissa Blair
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Melinda Martin-Beltrán
  • Graduate Student Representative: Christina Ponzio
  • Webmaster: Dr. Hyonsuk Cho
  • Social Media Coordinator: Dr. Chris Chang-Bacon (2020-2021), Jackie Ridley (2019-2020)


  • Chair: Dr. Peter De Costa
  • Program Chair: Dr. Luis Poza
  • Membership Officer:  Dr. Sandro R. Barros
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Susan E. Franco-Fuenmayor
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Liv T. Dávila
  • Second Language Awards Committee: Drs. Yuliya Ardasheva, Megan Madigan Peercy and Carrie Symons
  • Graduate Student Representative: Yuliya Summers
  • Webmaster: Laura Kennedy and Christina Ponzio



  • President: Dr. Paul Chamness Miller
  • Program Chair: Dr. Amanda Kibler
  • Membership Co-Chair: Drs. Ho Ryong Park and Hidehiro Endo
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Hoe-Kyeung Kim
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Deoksoon Kim
  • Second Language Awards Committee Chair: Dr. Erica K. Dotson
  • Webmaster: Dr. Ho Ryong Park


  • President: Dr. Youngjoo Yi
  • Program Chair: Dr. Paul Chamness Miller
  • Membership Chair: Dr. Melinda Martin-Beltran
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Amanda Kibler
  • Second Language Awards Committee Chair: Dr. Ginny M. Torres-Rimbau
  • Webmaster: Dr. Ho Ryong Park


  • President: Dr. Theresa Austin
  • Program Chair: Dr. Youngjoo Yi
  • Membership Chair: Dr. Amma Akrofi
  • Newletter Co-Editor: Dr. Andrea Honigsfeld and Dr. Paul Chamness Miller
  • Webmaster: Dr. Ho Ryong Park


  • President: Dr. Debra Suarez


  • President: Dr. Keiko Samimy
  • Program Chair: Dr. Debra Suarez


  • President: Dr. Yoshi-Saito-Abbott
  • Program Chair: Dr. Keiko Samimy
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Debra Suarez


  • President: Dr. JoAnn Hammadou-Sullivan
  • Program Chair: Dr. Yoshi-Saito-Abbott
  • Newsletter Editor: Dr. Mike
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Keiko Samimy


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