2024 Calls for Nominations 

Please consider nominating colleagues, mentors, or recent graduates to the corresponding awards for recognition at the 2024 AERA annual meeting: Dissertation, Mid-Career, and Leadership through Research. Please see here for the details of the nomination processes and criteria.


Award Categories:

The Leadership Through Research Award

Nominees will be evaluated based upon the following criteria: 

(1) Active and long-standing role in the field of second language research; 

(2) Highly respected and recognized both nationally and internationally as a leader in the field on issues critical to second language education;

(3) Engaged in original and innovative research and/or materials development recognized by experts as having a major impact on our understanding of second language education; 

(4) Supports other scholars, particularly new and younger scholars, in furthering their research and teaching in the field through mentoring, collaborative research, professional development, and other similar activities.

(5) Their work has (directly and/or indirectly) had an impact on equity and access for second language learners and their teachers.

The Mid-Career Award

Nominees will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:

(1) The nominated mid-career researchers must have developed a clear and coherent research agenda (over 6-15 years beyond the conferral of the doctoral degree)

(2) The nominated mid-career researchers will be evaluated on the aims, potential outcomes, and the overall degree to which their research advances knowledge in the field of second language research, promotes equity and access for students, teachers, teacher educators, communities, and/or families, and influences the creation, collection, and analysis of data.

(3) The nominated mid-career researchers must demonstrate a strong record of publications that reaches audiences in peer-reviewed research journals and/or practitioner-oriented journals, widely-disseminated reports from professional organizations, or scholarly books published by university or other academic presses.

(4) Nominees do not have to be Second Language Research SIG members at the time of nomination; however, the award winner will be strongly encouraged to join the SIG if not already a member.

The Outstanding Dissertation Award

The award goes to the dissertation research that best demonstrates the following criteria: 

(a) solid theoretical base, 

(b) sound methodology and data collection, 

(c) originality, and 

(d) promising contribution to the field of second language research.


Award Recipients

2024 Winners

Leadership Through Research Award (co-recipients): 

Dr. Maria Coady, Goodnight Distinguished Professor in Educational Equity and Professor of Multilingual Education at North Carolina State University.

Dr. Megan Madigan Peercy, Special Assistant to Provost and Professor of Language, Literacy, & Social Inquiry, and Teacher Education & Professional Development, University of Maryland, College Park. 

Committee: Dr. Deb Palmer (chair); Dr. Kellie Rolstad; and Dr. Manka Varghese

Mid-Career Award (co-recipients): 

Dr. Maneka Brooks, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Educator Preparation and Associate Professor of Reading Education, College of Education, Texas State University.

Dr. Kellie Rolstad, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Language Education, Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership, University of Maryland, College Park.

Committee: Dr. Nihat Polat (co-chair); Dr. Yuliya Ardasheva (co-chair); Dr. Becky H. Huang; and Dr. Hayriye Kayi-Aydar

Outstanding Dissertation Award

Dr. Martha Sandstead, College of Education, Oregon State University.

Dissertation title "Transformative pedagogies of voice: Creating the conditions of voice in bilingual students' writing" 

Committee: Dr. Caitlin G. Fine (co-chair); Dr. Christine Montecillo Leider (co-chair); Dr. Fares J Karam (co-chair)

2023 Winners

  • Leadership Through Research Award: Manka Varghese, University of Washington
  • Mid-Career Award (co-recipients): Hayriye Kayi-Aydar, University of Arizona & Becky Huang, The Ohio State University
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award: Caitlin Fine, Metropolitan State University of Denver

2023 Winners - SIG-sponsored financial support to attend the meeting(s)

Graduate Student Travel Awards

  • Cameron Smith, Doctorant / Ph.D. Candidate, Faculté d’éducation / Faculty of Education, Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa
  • Xuan Zhou, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education and Human Development, Texas A&M University

Conference Registration Sponsorships

Graduate student recipients

  • Zahra Golneshan, Educational Research, Language and Literacy Program, Werklund School of Education University of Calgary
  • Jessica McConnell, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, College of Education and HumanDevelopment, The University of Texas at San Antonio (place-based)
  • Adnan Mohamed, College of Education, Washington State University

Early-career scholar recipients

  • Mimi Masson, Ph.D., Professeure adjointe / Assistant Professor, Département de pédagogie, Faculté d'éducation, Université de Sherbrooke

2022 Winners

  • Leadership through Research Award: Nihat Polat
  • Mid-Career Award: Peter De Costa
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award: Zhongfeng Tian
  • Graduate Student Travel Award: Kuang Li and Martha Sandstead
  • SLR SIG place-based and virtual conference registration sponsorships
    • Graduate Student Recipients: Benjamin James (place-based) and Vashti Lee (place-based)
    • Early-career Scholar Recipients: Eve Ryan (virtual) and Zhongfeng Tian (place-based)

2021 Winners

  • Leadership through Research Award: Jeff MacSwan
  • Mid-Career Award: Yuliya Ardasheva and Michele Back
  • Dissertation Award: Mitchell Ingram
  • Graduate Student Travel Award: Ye Shen and Min-Seok Choi

2020 Winners

2019 Winners

  • Leadership through Research: Margaret R. Hawkins
  • Mid-Career Award: Lorena Llosa and Megan Madigan Peercy
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award: Emily Machado
  • Graduate Student Travel Award: Zhongfeng Tian and Kathryn Wagner

2018 Winners

  • Leadership through Research Award: Mary Schleppegrell
  • Mid-Career Award: Amanda K. Kibler
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award: Kristen L. Pratt

2015 Winners

  • Distinguished Dissertation Award: Colette Despagne
  • Travel Grant Award: Hyun Jung Joo and Min Wang

2014 Winners (awarded in 2015)

  • Leadership Through Research Award: Dr. Ryuko Kubota
  • Mid-Career Award: Dr. Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson
  • Distinguished Dissertation Award: Dr. Susana Franco-Fuenmayor

2013 Winner

  • Distinguished Dissertation Award: Dr. Peter De Costa

2012 Winners

  • Leadership Through Research Award: Bonny Norton 
  • Mid-Career Award: Eva Lam 
  • Distinguished Dissertation Award: Jennifer Wooten