Second Language Research SIG 108
Second Language Research SIG 108
SIG Purpose

The purpose of the Second Language (L2) Research Special Interest Group (SIG) is "to promote research in second-language learning/acquisition and to facilitate the exchange of ideas among educators involved in second language teaching and language program administration."

Message from SIG Chair

April 2023

Welcome to the Second Language Research SIG website!

We also enjoyed a strong presence at the 2023 Annual Meeting in Chicago, from April 13-16 and online from May 4-5 around this year’s annual meeting theme, Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth. In addition to our engaging roundtable, paper, and symposium sessions, we hosted three in-person cornerstone events: a Pre-Conference Mentoring SessionLa Pachanga, (co-sponsored with the Bilingual Education Research, Latina/o/x Research, and Language and Social Processes SIGs) and our Business Meeting during which we celebrated our 2023 SLR SIG awards recipients:

Leadership Through Research Award: Dr. Manka Varghese, University of Washington
Mid-Career Award (co-recipients): Dr. Hayriye Kayi-Aydar, University of Arizona & Dr. Becky Huang, The Ohio State University

Outstanding Dissertation Award: Dr. Caitlin Fine, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Graduate Student Travel Awards: Cameron Smith, Doctorant / Ph.D. Candidate, Faculté d’éducation / Faculty of Education, Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa &

Xuan Zhou, Ph.D. Candidate | Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education and Human Development, Texas A&M University

Congratulations also to our conference registration sponsees:

Graduate student recipients
Zahra Golneshan, Educational Research, Language and Literacy Program, Werklund School of Education University of Calgary

Jessica McConnell, Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, College of Education and Human Development, The University of Texas at San Antonio

Adnan Mohamed, College of Education, Washington State University 

Early-career scholar recipients
Mimi Masson, Ph.D., Professeure adjointe / Assistant Professor, Département de pédagogie, Faculté d'éducation, Université de Sherbrooke

As I close out my term as SLR SIG Chair, I want to thank our 2021-2023 leadership team:

Program Chair/Chair Elect: Dr. David Nieto, Northern Illinois University

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Chris Chang-Bacon, University of Virginia (2022-2023); Dr. Carrie Symons (2021-2022)

Newsletter Editor: Dr. Zhongfeng Tian, University of Texas San Antonio (2022-2023); Dr. Christina Ponzio (2021-2022)

Membership Chair: Dr. Laura Hamman-Ortiz, University of Rhode Island

Graduate Student Representative: Marisol Massó, Michigan State University

Webmaster: Dr. Hyonsuk Cho, University of North Dakota

Social Media Coordinator: Dr. Angela Nissing, Montgomery College (2022-2023); Dr. Chris Chang-Bacon (2021-2022)

Finally, I am excited to pass the baton to our incoming leadership team for the 2023-2025 term!

Chair: Dr. David Nieto, Northern Illinois University

Program Chair/Chair-ElectDr. Kongji Qin, New York University

Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Kevin Wong, Pepperdine University

Membership Officer: Dr. Melinda Martin-Beltran, University of Maryland, College Park

Newsletter Editor: Dr. Leah Shepard-Carey, Drake University

Student Representative:  Vashti Wai Yu Lee, Michigan State University

Saludos, Liv

Liv T. Dávila (
SLR SIG Chair, 2021-2023 


Who We Are

SLR SIG Officers (Click on the name to know more about each officer)

SLR SIG Chair: Liv T. Dávila

Program Chair: David Nieto

Secretary/Treasurer: Chris Chang-Bacon (2022-2023), Carrie Symons (2021-2022)

Newsletter editor: Zhongfen Tian (2022-2023), Christina M. Ponzio (2021-2022)

Membership officer: Laura Hamman-Ortiz

Student representative: Marisol Masso

Webmaster: Hyonsuk Cho

Social media coordinator: Angela Nissing (2022-2023), Chris Chang-Bacon (2021-2022)


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