Dear SLR Members,

Thank you all for your membership and support for our AERA. We are always happy to welcome new members.

If you know of other scholars and educators in AERA who are interested in Second Language Research (which includes research on multilingual education, dual language education, second language acquisition, bilingualism, TESOL, world languages, applied linguistics, the intersection of culture and language, and the professional learning of teachers in these areas) please encourage them to join our SIG and attend our sessions at AERA. Please encourage graduate students to join as a mentoring opportunity. AERA Members can add a new SIG to your AERA membership by following these steps: Log in at with your new Username and Password.

1.On “My AERA” page scroll down to “Membership”

2.Click on “Purchase additional SIG Memberships”

3. Check the box next to “Second Language Research” ($10/year student, $15 regular)

4. Click “finish”

5. Check out

Don’t forget to renew your existing membership! If you are a SIG member this year, from the “My AERA” page you can simply click on the blue button “Express Renewal.”

This will automatically renew your AERA membership with your current SIGs. If you know someone who would like to find out more about our SIG before joining, encourage them to attend the business meeting at AERA for a great opportunity to connect with others in our community.