Membership in the SIG  Research in Mathematics Education provides you with an opportunity to dialogue with top scholars in the field and to hear and read about the latest research. You will also receive a newsletter twice each year.  Each year at the AERA Annual Meeting, the  SIG sponsors a special evening event with a guest speaker and social, in addition to the daily paper and roundtable sessions.

Our success as a community is to keep our SIG relevant to our math education community. Please invite others to join our SIG RME and be part of this dynamic community. 

Thank you for being a member of the SIG RME. Your active participation in our community matters! Invite others to join our group.

Note: Individuals can join a SIG at any time. Individuals can join/renew with the SIG when they join/renew with AERA, but any AERA member can also add the SIG to their membership at any time. To do so, they need to go to, click “Login” at the top/center of the page, and then go to their My AERA page (the link is also at the top of the page). On the My AERA page, they should scroll down to the “Membership” section and use the “Purchase Additional SIG Memberships” link to add the Research in Mathematics Education SIG to their AERA membership. The membership team can also be reached at or 202-238-3200.