Calls for Nominations

The Special Interest Group for Research in Mathematics Education (SIG/RME) of AERA invites nominations for the Karen King Future Leader Award to be presented during the business meeting held at the AERA Annual Conference in 2023. The Karen King Future Leader Award recognizes graduate students, following in Dr. King’s scholarly footsteps, who demonstrate exemplary promise as future leaders of mathematics education researchers who are committed to 1) academic innovation in the areas of equity; 2) community engagement; and 3) teaching and research.  The award includes a stipend of $500, an announcement in the SIG-RME newsletter and on the SIG-RME website, and recognition at the AERA Annual Conference.

The graduate student must hold student status in January 2023 and have successfully passed their qualifying exam or equivalent. They will be nominated by a faculty member or administrator. Nominations are encouraged from both domestic and international scholars. The following materials must be submitted for a nomination to be considered:

  1. a nomination letter from a faculty member or administrator
  2. a supporting letter from a second faculty member or administrator
  3. a statement from the student indicating how they meet the award criteria
  4. student’s curriculum vitae

All nomination materials must be submitted electronically no later than 11:59 pm ET on January 23, 2023, to the Awards Chair. Nomination letters and the student statement should explain how the nominee demonstrates exemplary promise as a future leader of mathematics education in the following areas: 1) academic innovation in the areas of equity; 2) community engagement; and 3) teaching and research.

A winner is selected based upon demonstrated promise as a future leader of mathematics education research and commitments to 1) academic innovation in the areas of equity; 2) community engagement; and 3) teaching and research. Nominations will be evaluated in relation to the three criteria above as described in the nomination letters and statement and listed in the graduate student’s CV, which should include: 1) scholarly/creative work published and/or in progress in journals, open platforms, or institutional repositories; 2) specific teaching, service, and research efforts and activities that realize diversity, equity, inclusion, and community engagement initiatives; and 3) teaching, research, or service awards and grants. An awards committee composed of the Awards Board Member, the Senior Graduate Student Representative, and the Communications Board Member of SIG/RME will decide on the award.

The nomination packet must be received by 11:59 pm ET on Monday, January 23, 2023.  Electronic submissions to Frances K. Harper at are required.

SIG/RME Early Career Publication Award (2023 Award Nomination Information)

  • 2022 Jon Henner
  • 2021 Erika Bullock and Erica Litke
  • 2020 Nicole Louie and Jonee Wilson
  • 2019 Annie Garrison Wilhelm
  • 2018 Maisie Gholson & Luis Leyva
  • 2017 Gregory Larnell
  • 2016 Yasemin Copur-Gencturk
  • 2015 Charles Hohensee & Katherine Lewis
  • 2014 Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim
  • 2013 Kristen Bieda
  • 2012 Anita Wager
  • 2011 Gabriel Stylianides
  • 2010 Andreas Stylianides
  • 2009 Amanda Jansen
  • 2008 Amy Ellis
  • 2006 Keith Weber
  • 2005 Wanda Nabors
  • 2004 Andrew Izsák
  • 2003 Patricio Herbst
  • 2002 Michelle Zandieh

SIG/RME Distinguished Scholar Award (Award Information)

*Note that no award was given in 2010 because no scholars were nominated for the award.