Division J FAQs
Division J FAQs
Division J FAQs

This page contains questions and answers pertaining to Division J. We welcome you to send us your questions so we can post them and their respective answers on this page! Please send your questions through this google form and we will add them to the page.


Question: How can I send a job posting to the Division J listserv?
Email your job posting to the current Division J Vice President, Vasti Torres (vasti@umich.edu). The job posting will be included in the weekly announcements, which are emailed to the Division J listserv. You are also encouraged to use the AERA job board. Here is a message from AERA about the job board: 

AERA is committed to open searches for job positions and that is why we have the AERA Job Board. Graduate students tell us that the job postings through Division listservs provide limited access since it is available only to members of those Divisions. Also, there are those with their masters and doctorates who would be interested in your job posting but may not currently be Division members at the time of the posting. The AERA Job Board was established to provide open access to postings to job seekers.

The AERA Job Board has over 1200 job seekers registered, over 400 employers, and over 700 job postings. The Job Board has many positions posted from the full range of academic institutions and non-academic employers. For information on how an employer can post on the AERA Job Board, please follow the link to https://careers.aera.net/employer/pricing. As soon as you complete the on-line process of posting a position, the position is immediately posted on the Job Board. The AERA Job Board is free to the job seeker.

If you need help posting a job ad, contact Andrea Jacobsen at (727) 497-6565 ext 3320 or andrea.jacobsen@communitybrands.com. If you have other types of questions, not related to posting or using the AERA Job Board, please contact Jane LaBarbera, AERA Interim Director of Membership and Constituent Services, at jlabarbera@aera.net.

Question: Can I distribute a survey or other research recruitment material to the Division J listserv?

Sorry but no, we cannot. The division has too broad of a sample and does not have the capacity to review IRB for research.

Question: I submitted my final paper into the online annual meeting submission system and after that, I was informed that the 2020 AERA virtual meeting has also been canceled. Can my team and I resubmit this conference paper to another conference such as ASHE?

If your paper received a DOI number, it is treated as if you did present it at AERA and therefore would not be considered original research if resubmitted. Some conferences do not require original research but others, including ASHE, do. We suggest you check with the other conferences you are considering. It is also possible that ASHE is changing its policies in light of COVID 19. The page with ASHE program committee contact information is linked here if you want to contact them and ask. 

Question: How and where can I submit information for a call for papers to be listed on the AERA Div. J weekly announcements email?

Send requests to the individual currently running the weekly announcements and to the Division J Vice President, Vasti Torres (vatorres@iu.edu).