Meetings & Other Events
Meetings & Other Events
Division J and Annual Meeting

Join us April 5-9, 2019 in Toronto for AERA's Annual Meeting. Proposals are due Monday, July 23, 11:59 PDT.

Check out the AERA 2018 Annual Meeti􏰁ng Division J VP Sessions

Following their Dreams: Considering K12 and Higher Educati􏰁on Practi􏰁ces that Enable First‐Genera􏰁ton College Students’ Success

Challenging Colonial College Access for Historically Marginalized Student Populati􏰁ons: Toward Decolonizing College Choice

Moving from Isolated Impact to Collecti􏰁ve Impact in Educati􏰁on in New York State: How a Public Higher Educa􏰁tion System Figures in Social and Economic Development

Power, People and Place: Linking Indigenous Place to Belonging in Higher Educati􏰁on

Embodying, Nego􏰁tiati􏰁ng, and Rejecti􏰁ng Par/Desi Narra􏰁tives: Cul􏰁tiva􏰁ng Desi‐South Asian Scholars’ Decolonizing Onto Epistemologies in Higher Educa􏰁tion

Addressing Hate in Higher Educa􏰁tion:
Cri􏰁tical Reflecti􏰁ons on Acti􏰁on, Inacti􏰁on, Manifestati􏰁ons and Hope

Connec􏰁ting Research, Advocacy, and Policy: A Conversati􏰁on among Educati􏰁on Scholars

Understanding Capital, and the Future of Public Higher Educa􏰁tion 

AERA 2018 Workshop for Mid-Career Faculty

Workshop for Mid-Career Faculty: Exploring Career Transitions & Forging Paths to the Future

Join us Saturday, April 14, 2018
4:05-6:05pm, Marriott Marquis, 4th Floor Odets

RSVP to participate: Email

In this session, you will chart your career using the expertise of faculty who engage in research about mid-career faculty and who themselves have been or are in the mid-career stage. Participants will engage in hands on professional development to identify strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats while thinking about support and resources needed to advance based on your career goals. Presenters will facilitate a career mapping exercise and engage in identifying mentors. 

Organized by Jaime Lester. Presenters: Vicki Baker, Kelly Ward, Ann Austin, Pamela Eddy, Aimee Terosky, & Jennifer Ng

2018 Division J Social Justice Project

The Division J Social Justice Project, "Know Your Students, Know Your Rights: Supporting Immigrant Students and their Families in Uncertain Times" will be April 16, 2018. For more information and to register, see the Key Initiatives page. 

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