Message from Division VP
Message from Division VP

Welcome to the Division J scholarly community. As a longtime member of Division J, it is a pleasure to serve AERA in the Vice President role. This Division of AERA focuses on scholars, professionals, and students who study postsecondary issues such as higher education organizations, policy, college student experiences and transitions, and university curricular issues. The Division provides a venue for researchers to come together for scholarly conversations and collaborations. 

As part of AERA, Division J is dedicated to expanding and deepening knowledge around issues that influence postsecondary education in today’s societal context. The programs sponsored by Division J at the AERA Annual Meeting aim to showcase the latest thinking about postsecondary education issues and support members’ scholarly advancement in the field. These endeavors entail interrogating current practices, policies, and assumptions, providing inclusive spaces for diverse perspectives, and advancing the higher education enterprise towards as a socially just public good.

I welcome you to engage in the various programs sponsored by the Division. Though AERA is a large educational conference, the Division J Business Meeting is an opportune place to connect with scholars, professionals, and students and to recognize the accomplishments of our peers. I look forward to seeing you at the Business Meeting at the upcoming AERA Annual Meeting. 

Jenny J. Lee
Vice President, Division J
Professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education
Department of Educational Policy Studies and Practice
University of Arizona