Membership Statement

Division I is a very special division within AERA that brings together a diverse group of researchers who work across the many different professions. Some are attracted to AERA because of the chance to be a part of Division I, but many are only drawn to Division I after years of involvement within AERA.

What does Division I offer?

  • A chance to find and meet others with similar research and professional interests.
  • A chance to collaborate with colleagues in order to improve and enhance your research.
  • A chance to develop mentoring relationships that are beneficial to both the mentee and mentor.
  • A chance to learn first-hand about the latest research on a variety of topics and discuss these important findings with others.

Nowhere else will you find such a diverse, intellectually stimulating, and friendly group of scholars. Where else can you find research on assessment in law, engineering and medicine? Who else brings together researchers from dental education, teacher education, nursing to discuss the research on the impact of cultural competency education? This is what makes Division I special and it’s the goal of the Membership Committee to make sure everyone in the AERA community knows.