Education in the Professions (I)
Education in the Professions (I)
Welcome Message from Division VP


Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to serve as Vice President for Division I and hope to build upon the successes of our previous leaders to ensure the Division continues to be a vibrant, collegial community of scholars and researchers in who represent the health professions, engineering, law, and business. The work of Division I members is devoted to theoretical or empirically rigorous research for reimagining education in the professions, and we welcome and encourage new members to engage in our Communities that serve as affinity groups to bring researchers together for collaboration and exchange of ideas. My goals for the next three years are to support initiatives such as the Division I grants program, increase and broaden our membership with particular attention to diversity and representation, foster a culture that will nurture and support junior scholars who are at the early stages of their careers, and to seek collaboration across Divisions where there may be mutual benefit. The upcoming Annual Meeting will provide an opportunity for us to reconnect! I am eager to give back to this community of educators who have given me so much and look forward to your ideas and active participation as we collectively seek to bridge the multiple domains of professions education to the benefit of our students and programs.

Kathy Edmondson
College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University
Vice President, AERA Division I
Education in the Professions







Updated July 2021

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Background and History of Division I:

The 40th anniversary commemorative booklet, entitled “Coming of Age:  Developing a Discipline of Education in the Professions”, encapsulates our mission as a Division.  This booklet documents that we, as a Division, have embraced the mandate of addressing issues of practice and scholarship across the professions.