Open Call for Award Nominations

Outstanding Publication Award

2023 DeAngelo, L., Schuster, M. T., & Lachaud, Q. A. (2021). The faculty role in grooming and gatekeeping students' of color potential along the professoriate pipeline. The Review of Higher Education, 44(4), 493-521.

2021 Jeong, S., Litson, K., Blaney, J., & Feldon, D. F. (2020). Shifting gears: Characteristics and consequences of latent class transitions in doctoral socialization.  Research in Higher Education, 61, 1027-1053

2019 Sverdlik, A., Hall, N., McAlpine, L., & Hubbard, K. (2018). The PhD experience: A vreview of the factors influencing doctoral students’ completion, achievement, and well-being. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 13, 361-388.

Jaeger, A. J., & Dinin, A. J. (Eds.). (2017). The postdoc landscape: The invisible scholars. Academic Press.

2015 Rockinson-Szapiw, A. J., & Spaulding, L. S. (2014). Navigating the doctoral journey: A handbook for strategies of success. Rowman & Littlefield.

Feldon, D. F., Maher, M. A., Hurst, M., & Timmerman, B. (2015). Faculty mentors’, graduate students’, and performance-based assessments of students’ research skill development. American Educational Research Journal, 52(2), 334-370.

Nerad, M., & Evans, B. (Eds.). (2014). Globalization and its impacts on the quality of PhD education: Forces and forms in doctoral education worldwide. Springer.

2013 Feldon, D. F., Peugh, J., Timmerman, B., Maher, M. Hurst, M. Strickland, D., Gilmore, J., & Stiegelmeyer, C. (2011). Graduate students’ teaching experiences improve their methodological research skills, Science, 333(6045), 1037-1039.

Outstanding Dissertation Award

2023 Annie M. Wofford, University of California, Los Angeles

Rewriting the script for equity-minded graduate school pathways: Examining mechanisms of mentoring and psychosocial development in computing disciplines.

2020 Mayra S. Artiles Fonseca, Virginia Tech University

2018 Catherine Berdanier, Pennsylvania State University

2016 Angela Hooser, University of Florida

2014 Julie Posselt, University of Michigan

2012 Erin D. Crede, Virginia Tech University

2012 Honorable Mention: Kimberly A. Truong, University of Pennsylvania and Baaska Anderson, University of North Texas

Student Travel Award

2023 Karly Ball, Gabriel Rodríguez Lemus, Jr., and Suzan Yesil Hafizoglu 

2019 Roxana Chiappa 

2018 Denver Fowler 

2016 Lisa Hoon 

2015 Stacia Cedilla and Wei-Ling Sun

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