Research Connections
Research Connections

Below is one example of the research questions that typify the major concerns, topics, and foci of the Philanthropy & Education  SIG:

  • What are the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities of advancing equity-focused philanthropy through  research and practice?

As our SIG continues to grow, plans are underway for a specific philanthropy and education research forum for collaboration, partnership and exploration.  Information will be provided here and on our "Professional Development Opportunities" page.  

This work builds from our well-received work of a near quarter century (founded 2001,the Annual Conference 2025 will mark our 24th birthday) and most recently from our robust and rich April 2024 Conference Program which included our well-received pre-Conference  AERA Virtual Research Learning Center (VRLC)  for students, early career and advanced scholars, practitioners, and others in the education research community to receive professional development and research capacity–building trainings, which featured among other luminaries AERA President-Elect Janelle Scott.

We especially encourage research from emerging scholars and others who seek to invigorate and bring new conceptualizations in  our critical field at the intersection of philanthropy and education.