Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair

Welcome to the AERA Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development webpage.  We have an active SIG with around 200 members.  We hope that you find all of the content that you expect to see here on our RoGCT SIG website!  If something seems to be missing, please email me at, or contact our webmaster at

Spring 2022

Dear ROGCT SIG Members, 


We are excited you are here! 

We hope this finds each of you doing as well as possible in these challenging times. We were excited to meet in person for the first time in three years!

Our Executive Committee will meet at NAGC in November to work on plans for the annual meeting and talk about our awards and other activities. If you are interested in volunteering or have issues you would like for us to discuss, please reach out

We hope to see you all soon! Best wishes for a safe and happy summer.

Karen Rambo-Hernandez (SIG Chair, 2022-2024)
Anne N. Rinn (Past SIG Chair, 2020-2022) 

April 2018 Board Minutes

SIG Business Meeting

Sunday, April 15 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


  1. Approval of minutes from April 2017 SIG meeting at NAGC—Hope Wilson

Jill Adelson Moves, Matt McBee Second, All in Favor

  1. New Officers, terms beginning May 2, 2017:
    1. Chair Elect: Anne Rinn
    2. Secretary: Marcia Gentry
    3. Assistant Program Chair: Betsy McCoach
    4. Member At Large (2): Alicia Cotabish & Hope Wilson
    5. Graduate Student Representative: Ophélie Allyssa Desmet
  • Thank you to Elections Committee members: SIG past Chair Del Siegle, Jill Adelson, Cindy Gilson, & Jen Foreman.
  • Special thank you to Del Siegle for his work on the executive committee, 6 years of chair-elect, chair, and past chair roles.
  1. Program Chair Report—Jennifer Jolly, Program Chair-Elect
    1. Report from 2018 conference: 86 total submissions, 20 more submissions from last year. Excellent slate of presentations, acceptance rate was just under 33%.
    2. Need everyone to volunteer to serve as a reviewer, discussant, or session chair for 2019 meeting in Toronto.
    3. Call at
  2. Treasurer’s Report— Erin Miller
    1. Current Balance: $6326.59 (but that does not include some of our major conference expenses yet)
    2. Thank you to our sponsors for the SIG Social, we appreciate your support of our SIG and providing these resources for our SIG and networking.
    3. Income & Expenses: Include the Unconference, Mentoring Connection, awards, and SIG Social.
  3. Unconference recap—Alicia Cotabish & Nancy Herzog
    1. About 30 people in attendance throughout the session. Surveys indicate high satisfaction with the process.
    2. Research questions identified by participants
    3. Nancy Hertzog will lead this next year with Karen Rambo-Hernandez
    4. Mark your calendars for next year, during the pre-conference. We will have only one strand the theme, to allow for wider range of topics. We will work on solving problems going on at the unconference—and then these would be presented at the conference next year.
    5. Link for the Open Science Page:
  4. SIG Awards—Marcia Gentry
    1. Graduate Student Travel Award winners:
      1. Kristen Lamb, University of North Texas
      2. Sooyhun Yi, Purdue University
    2. Pyryt Collaboration Award winners:
      1. Using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) 7 Nonverbal Battery to Identify the Gifted/Talented: An Investigation of Demographic Effects and Norming Plans by Carol A. Carman,  Christine A. P. Walther, and Robert A. Bartsch University of Houston-Clear Lake
      2. A Talent for Tinkering: Developing Talents in Children From Low-Income Households Through Engineering Curriculum by Ann Robinson, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Jill L. Adelson, University of Louisville, Kristy A. Kidd, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and Christine M. Cunningham, Boston Museum of Science 
  • Thank you to Marcia Gentry (Chair), her student Alissa Salazar, and committee members
  1. By-laws Revisions – Jill Adelson
    1. We are still working on by-laws revisions on how to vote on the by-laws revisions.
    2. But they are letting us work from the new by-laws.
  2. Mentoring Committee update—Kate Snyder, Rachel Mun, Chris Amspaugh, Kristen Blackmon, Danika Maddocks
    1. Thank you for the team who put this together.
    2. We had 11 matches, with matches for all mentees.
    3. New and improved mentor sign-up, if you had already been a mentor. New badges for the mentees and the mentors. Thank you so much to all the mentors.
  3. Graduate Student Representative, Newsletter, and Webmaster update—Chris Amspaugh and Kristen Blackmon
    1. Newsletter. We always need content, so think what you can contribute. Please send to graduate student representative, it comes out twice a year.
    2. Facebook page is up and running! This is the most efficient way to get information from AERA. We will also be posting links to current research.
    3. Website has been updated! New logo from AERA.
  4. Membership Update—Michael Matthews
    1. We are holding around 200 members. This makes us one of the larger SIGs. This helps us create a more robust program.
    2. Membership co-chairs will be Alicia Cotabish and Anne Rinn
  5. SIG social and business meeting—Kristen Blackmon & Michael Matthews
    1. Business meeting will be from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 15 in the Hilton Midtown, second floor, Clinton suite.
    2. Business meeting speaker—Dr. Jim Borland
    3. SIG Social at Southern Hospitality 645 9th Ave., from 8:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Thank you to the Centers serving as SIG Social sponsors
    • University of Connecticut, National Research Center on Gifted Education
    • University of Connecticut, Renzulli Center
    • University of California, Berkley
    • Purdue University
    • University of Washington, Robinson Center
    • University of North Texas
    • University of Virginia
    • University of Iowa, Belin-Blank Center
    • St. Johns University