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Dear CASE Members,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your invaluable membership, unwavering commitment, and steadfast support of our AERA SIG community. The collective dedication you bring is the cornerstone of our vibrant group, and we are continuously delighted to open our doors to new members who wish to join our mission.

Your role as a member is not merely a title, but a catalyst for progress in a realm of research that has been regrettably overlooked within the current body of literature. By becoming an integral part of our community, you are contributing to the enrichment of an area that holds immense potential for advancement.

We warmly encourage you to take an active stance within our ranks. Your engagement, insights, and participation are pivotal to the flourishing of our shared objectives. As you delve into the world of research and collaboration that our AERA SIG embodies, you'll discover opportunities for personal and professional growth that extend far beyond the bounds of conventional academia.

Delve into the myriad benefits that await you as a member of CASE SIG 86. From networking with like-minded peers to accessing exclusive resources, your journey with us promises to be both fulfilling and enlightening. Together, let's chart new territories in research and carve out a legacy that inspires generations to come.

Should you be knowledgeable of other scholars and educators in AERA who are interested in Caribbean and African Studies in Education, encourage them to join our SIG and attend our sessions at AERA. We also welcome and encourage you the membership to join us in encouraging graduate students to be part of CASE.

Please remember to renew your existing membership! Your renewed membership is a reaffirmation of your commitment and interest in scholarly undertakings related to education in Africa and the Caribbean. Membership renewal also means that you continue to receive member-benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • receipt of journals in education
  • network with other scholars in education within and outside the diaspora
  • share the results of your scholarly work
  • share and learn of best practices in the field of education specific to Africa and the Caribbean
  • engage in professional development sessions

As a member you will be contributing to an area of research that is largely neglected in the existing literature. We encourage you to be an active member. 

Here are some simple steps for joining:

  1. Log on to the membership section of AERA by clicking on "Member Login" in the upper left corner of this page.
  2. On the Members Welcome page, under "Purchases", click on "Special Interest Groups".
  3. Follow the directions to register for SIG membership. 

To learn about AERA Membership, please visit the AERA Membership page. Current members may also download a SIG Membership Form (PDF).

Membership Dues:

Annual  Multiple Years
member: $15 2 years: $30
student member: $5 2 years: n/a