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News & Announcements

Dear Colleague in the study of morality and moral education, 

I’m reaching out to you as a part of my goal to connect scholars in the area of the study of morality, moral development, and moral education across the globe, and across many professional associations that support and encourage work in morality. 

Among the professional organizations focused on the study of morality and its application in the real world are the Association for Moral Education, whose conference is upcoming in a week in Manchester, England. The AME is co-meeting this year with APNME—the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education.  

Another association, AERA, the American Educational Research Association, whose call for papers is now open, has a Special Interest Group: Moral Development and Education MDE SIG 67.  Joining this SIG, for $12 in addition to your membership in AERA (students $5), and submitting a paper proposal for presentation at the annual conference in 2023,  is a great way to meet new colleagues and to get your work out there to an international audience. The AERA 2023 conference in Chicago has both an in person and a virtual component.

I’m writing today to encourage you to renew your membership in AME if you will not be attending the conference in Manchester (if you are attending, membership dues are included) or if you simply wish to join this energetic organization!  

I am also writing to encourage you to join AERA and the SIG Moral Development and Education, SIG 67.  The process is easy, so join now! 

If you know of any students and new colleagues who could benefit from these smaller organizations for meeting fellow scholars, please forward this message to them. 

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you at future conferences of AME, APNME and AERA!



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