Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
SIG Chair

Message from the Chair, March 2021

Greetings, MDE-SIG colleagues. I hope this message finds you well and looking forward to AERA’s first ever Virtual Annual Meeting. As you know, we were meant to convene in Orlando this year, but the pandemic made that impossible (particularly for those of us not living in the USA). If you’re like me, the prospect of a large virtual conference is leaving you less excited than that of a conventional one in a convention center! Instead, I find myself feeling a bit anxious about how it’s all going to work. Thankfully, much of that uncertainty-induced anxiety can be alleviated by attending one of the many training sessions AERA has conducted (and recorded). Please visit this page and attend the session(s) needed to play your role(s)

Three very important reminders for presenters. First, you need to register before March 25 (tomorrow!) or else your presentation will be removed from the program. If you have not already registered, please do so now. Second, you must log into the iPoster system no later than March 26 and add your name to the template so they know that you are using the system. You are also asked to publish your iPresentation by April 7. You should have received an email from AERA on around March 17th with the URL as well as your username and password.

Sadly, this will be my last meeting as your Chair. It’s been an unusual tenure—with only one f2f meeting (Toronto in 2019) during my three-year term. In this respect, it’s been a disappointing tenure as well. Of course, unusual and disappointing are words that likely readily come to mind when thinking about the past year and the pandemic that has disrupted all of lives (and ending those of so many too early). Despite the devastation (and on-going challenges), we have managed to carry-on and move forward. I am grateful to all of you for sticking with our SIG.

I am especially grateful for the service of my Executive Committee members. First and foremost, I want to thank Richard Osguthorpe, my predecessor and current Awards Chair. Rich has done a fabulous job managing our SIG’s annual Book and Promise Awards, which you can read more about on page 3 of this Newsletter. Per our by-laws, I will be succeeding Rich as Awards Chair as he steps away aer completing six years of continuous service to our SIG! Thank you, Rich!!

Ashley Floyd Kuntz (Secretary and Treasurer) and Hyemin Han (Newsletter Editor) have also been serving alongside me for the past three years. I am grateful for their dedication to this SIG and wish them well as their terms come to close along with mine. Finally, I want to thank Ewa Nowak (Program Chair), who has put together an excellent set of sessions for this year’s meeting (see pages 4-7 for details) and Logan Drake (Web Editor), who has updated our AERA web page (aer years of neglect). Thanks again to all of you for your service to our SIG.

Finally, I look forward to announcing and welcoming our newly elected Chair and Secretary/Treasurer at our SIG Business Meeting on Saturday April 10th. Like you, I do not yet know who was elected but I do know we had four excellent candidates; namely, Dawn Schrader and Di You for Chair, and Hyemin Han and Jonathan O’Brien for Secretary/Treasurer. Thanks to all you for stepping up and serving our SIG by standing for election to these important positions.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you (virtually) at
the Annual Meeting next

Jason M. Stephens, Outgoing Chair

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