Research Connections
Research Connections

SIG Members' Recent Publications

Allee, K. A., Clark, M. H., Roberts, S. K., & Hu, B. Y. (2023). Exploring play, executive function, and academic achievement in two Title I kindergartens. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 37(2), 197–215.

SIG Members' Recent Presentations

Allee, K. A., Kaczmarczyk, A. B., Bush, L. J., Cowdrick, K. E., Atchison, N. H., & Castanheira, B. (2023, September 21). Experiential learning in a simulated elementary education environment: Using a model classroom as an inclusive teaching and learning space [Research presentation]. 2023 International Conference on Innovative Teaching & Learning, Virtual. 

Other SIG Research Connections and Current Projects

Karyn Allee |  PLAy CLASS: Pedagogy and Learning Apprenticeship to Collaborate, Learn, Assess, Study, and Scale

                  Research Goal: To what extent does experiencing developmentally appropriate play-/inquiry-based teaching and learning in a model constructivist environment impact elementary teacher candidates’ (TCs’) understanding of and ability to plan for and assess high-quality elementary learning? This proposed project, PLAy CLASS: Pedagogy and Learning Apprenticeship to Collaborate, Learn, Assess, Study, and Scale, will develop a model teaching classroom for Elementary Education MAT (EEMAT) initial certification TCs grounded in constructivist learning theory motivated by three key issues:

  1. The current elementary educational climate is hyper-standardized and overly focused on assessment at the expense of authentic, engaging learning (Allee-Herndon & Roberts, 2021; Bassok et al., 2016; Pyle et al., 2018; Repko-Erwin, 2017);
  2. The students who often end up losing out on play-/inquiry-based learning opportunities are children of color, children in low-income or poor households, and children who live in urban areas (Allee-Herndon et al., 2019; Barros et al., 2009); and 
  3. Elementary teachers face efficacy and capacity challenges implementing quality play-/inquiry-based instruction (e.g., Hammack & Ivey, 2017; Sandholtz & Ringstaff, 2011).

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