AERA Member Testimonials
AERA Member Testimonials

Association Members Share Why Their Membership Matters

For more than 25,000 education researchers across the United States and around the world, membership in AERA provides unsurpassed opportunities—for intellectual and professional growth; networking and lifelong friendships; scholarly collaboration; inspiration; career enhancement; engagement with practitioners and policy leaders; and for their collective voice to be heard on federal education and science issues.

Read the AERA member stories below to see how AERA membership makes a difference. To tell your story, click here!

Dionne Danns
Indiana University
Member of Division F

Read Dionne's story. 



Pamela L. Eddy
College of William & Mary
Member of Division J

Read Pamela's story.  


Denisa Gándara
Southern Methodist University
Member of Division J

Read Denisa's story.


DeLeon L. Gray
North Carolina State University
Member of Division C

Read DeLeon's story.  


Andrew Ho
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Member of Division D

Read Andrew's story. 


Judith Kafka
Baruch College
Member of Division F

Read Judith's story. 



Francesca López
University of Arizona
Member of Division C

Read Francesca's story.


Ana M. Martínez Alemán
Boston College
Vice President of Division J

Read Ana's story.


Michael C. Rodriguez
University of Minnesota
Member of Division D

Read Michael's story. 


Richard Shavelson
Stanford University
Member of Division D - AERA Past President

Read Richard's story. 

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