Capitol Hill Briefing
Capitol Hill Briefing
New Strategies for Keeping Schools Safe: Evidence-based Approaches to Prevent Youth Violence

Capitol Hill Briefing on Thursday, April 8, 2010

Acts of mass violence are a serious concern in schools; however, they are quite rare.  Insufficient attention has been given to the much more pervasive forms of aggression that affect millions of students daily. Many of the popular policy solutions that have been introduced in response to concerns about the safety of children, such as zero tolerance and increased security measures, have been shown to be inadequate or even dysfunctional.  A new and more comprehensive policy perspective is needed, and there is abundant research evidence to point the way.

New research discussed at the briefing examines violence, bullying, and disruptive behavior, and reports on the harmful consequences of school environments that are unsafe or disruptive—especially for minority students—and the kind of policies and education approaches needed to maintain safety and order in our schools.

Read the complete information packet distributed at the briefing, as well as the seven scholarly articles in Educational Researcher
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