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Peter Lang Publishing Education
Peter Lang Publishing Education

Call for Manuscripts

Peter Lang Publishing Education list 

Peter Lang Publishing is looking for works that understand how new literacies and new ways of seeing education are being invented -- as people from all walks of life, in diverse sites, wrestle with new technologies, shifting values, changing institutional forms and processes, and emerging structures characteristic of postmodernity/New Times/the Global Informational Age. These texts aim to explore these emerging domains and to create awareness of key trends and features, translating them into educational consciousness and practice. These texts should explore in depth and from a range of perspectives the extent, nature, and implications of new literacies in global context, challenging familiar ways of framing education, and what it means for education to be powerful, effective, and enabling under current and foreseeable conditions.

We wish to encourage and support new, early-career authors as well as established scholars.

We welcome single-author manuscripts as well as edited collections which examine and engage with the current concerns of education, educators, students, learning, especially how technology has impacted education. Topics of particular interest are:

* critical pedagogy/ies
* literacy/ies and technology/ies
* education and disability
* the history of schools and schooling, particularly institutional histories
* education and innovation
* education psychology
* multiculturalism, urban schooling
* education and the environment                                                                 
* theory of play
* gender and education, particularly masculinity and adolescents

To send proposals or for more information and a full list of guidelines, please email Patricia Mulrane Clayton at