Education Resources Information Center
Education Resources Information Center
Call for Papers

ERIC Requests Scholarly Papers, Invites Participation in Structured Abstract Initiative

The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, is collecting scholarly papers presented at AERA Annual Meetings from 2004 and onward, including the most recent 2006 meeting.  

ERIC is a globally recognized bibliographic and full-text digital library--the world's largest repository of education-related literature. The ERIC database is heavily used, with searches totaling more than six  million per month through the ERIC Web site at and commercial database providers. Materials in ERIC include research reports, conference papers, dissertations, literature reviews, technical reports, and other education resources, as well as bibliographic records of journal articles.

ERIC offers an easy-to-use online submission system for individuals to submit papers. For more information or to submit papers, please visit the Online Submission area of the ERIC Web site. Now, researchers may provide either a traditional paragraph-style abstract or a structured abstract with papers. Structured abstracts benefit individuals interested in education research by providing details of methodology and findings under predetermined headings.