December 2011 Message from the VP
December 2011 Message from the VP
VP Announcements

December - 2011

Hello, Division H'ers. Here we are at the end of the year. This will be
the final blast this year. As usual, let me know if there is anything
you'd like me to add to the next blast.

1. Division H Publication Competition. Each year Division H gives awards
for publications during the business meeting at the annual conference.
I've uploaded this year's call for submissions at the following link: "2012 Outstanding Publications Competition."   Include a Submission Form with your entries.  You can also contact Vicki Cartwright
( for additional information.
Please also contact Vicki if you are willing to evaluate submissions.  

2. AERA 2012. We're only 4 months away. Here are some things to remember: 

2a. Update your passport.

2b. There are "go-green" plans again for next year--electronic versions of
the program and a program app. When in Canada, use of virtually all U.S.
cell phones will incur roaming charges, both for outgoing and incoming
calls. For everyone not a Canadian, AERA recommends downloading the
program and app before going to Canada and turning off the data function
when in Canada.

2c. The on-line version of the program will be available in January.

2d. AERA is planning on having Wifi in all public areas, but you'll have
to pay for it from your rooms. (This will probably be a negiotiating point
for future conferences.)

2e. Let your credit card company know you'll be in Vancouver.

2f. Essays on the theme of this year's conference are posted at:
Essays Commissioned on the Theme

3. AERA Paper Repository. AERA has a repository for many papers given
at AERA last year. You can access them through the AERA website:

4. Reality Test Newsletter. We have a new issue of the Reality Test. It is
available here. Thanks to Mary Yakimowski and her editorial staff.

5. Graduate Students. Our Senior and Junior reps--Brad Coverdale and
Marisa delCampo--are doing a great job getting graduate student activities
organized for AERA 2012. Here are some heads up:

5a. Div H will again be doing "Coffee Mentoring" next year at AERA. We
will match up to 15 graduate students with seasoned Div H members. Each
pair will receive $20 to support a conversation over coffee. The
application will be published around Dec 15. The deadline for applying
will be Jan 15. Watch for the application on our website.

5b. Once again, as part of Div H awards at AERA, we will give two
dissertation awards. The first place winner will receive $1000; the second
place winner will receive $500. The call for applications is attached to
this blast. It's also on the Div H website.

5c. Each year our graduate student Junior Rep becomes the Senior Rep and
we appoint a new Junior Rep. Both Senior and Junior rep receive $700
toward their AERA expenses. Additionally, the Senior rep is supported to
attend the Coordinated Committee Meeting in DC in October. The reps plan
graduate student session for AERA and reach out to other graduate students
who might be interested in Div H. The call for applicants will go out in
January with a deadline for application in mid-February.

5d. As we did last year, next year we will again have graduate student
research roundtables as part of our graduate student and early career
mentoring sessions. Applications to present are not part of the regular
proposal system. Rather, we emphasize work in progress. The call will go
out in January with porposals due the middle of February.  Selected
presenters will receive $50 toward their AERA expenses.

5e. E-mail Brad Coverdale if you'd like to be a member of the Div H
graduate student facebook group. <>

5f. There will be a reception for graduate students (food and drink) in
the VP suite Monday evening of AERA. We need to know how many graduate
students to expect at this and other events, so Brad and Marisa will
survey membership early next year to see how many graduate students are
planning to attend AERA.

5g. Div H will have a poster session devoted to graduate student research
at AERA. 13 presenters have already been selected. Each presenter will be
awarded $50 toward AERA expenses.

6. Brown Lecture. The Brown lecture in DC on October 27 given by Gloria J.
Ladson-Billings was a huge success. Past lectures are available on the
AERA website: Gloria's lecture will
be posted soon.

7. AERA Grants.  AERA provides several funding opportunities for
undergraduate students, graduate students, and early career scholars.
These programs provide mentoring and funding support to develop research
skills and conduct studies in education related fields and topics.
Information about the programs and the upcoming application deadlines are
available at Underrepresented racial and
ethnic minorities and women are encouraged to apply.

8. Superintendent SIG Dissertation of the Year 2012 award. The
Superintendent SIG is seeking submissions for their dissertation award.
The call is attached as file: "SUPT SIG--Dissert Call Mountford 2012". 

9. Job Announcement. The University of Delaware has job openings. See
attached file: "U Del Job Nov" 

10. EARLI Conference. One of the EARLI SIG groups (similar to the AERA's
divisions) are organizing a conference for next summer in Belgium. This
SIG group, Assessment and Evaluation
( ),
shares similar goals to Division H. The conference announcement is
available from their website.

11. AERA Awards. AERA is seeking nominations for next year's awards at the
yearly conference. The deadline for nominations has been extended to
November 30, 2011.

11a. Palmer O. Johnson Award. In recognition of an outstanding article
published in 2011 in one of AERA's journals during 2011.
Review of Research Award

11b. Relating Research to Practice Award. In recognition of outstanding
contributions toward increasing the understanding and proliferation of
links between education research and enhanced education practice, this
award is granted for excellence in Interpretive Scholarship (published
from sources other than peer-reviewed journals or books) or Professional
Service (an individual who has effectively established a strong,
beneficial relationship between education research and practice through
direct involvement with the education community.)

11c. E.F. Lindquist Award. In recognition of outstanding applied or
theoretical research in the field of testing and measurement, the award
acknowledges a body of research of an empirical, theoretical, or
integrative nature rather than a single study.

11d. Early Career Award. Established to honor an individual in the early
stages of his or her career no later than 10 years after receipt of the
doctoral degree. This award can be granted for study in any field of
educational inquiry.

11e. Social Justice in Education Award.

11f. Distinguished Public Service Award

11g. Committee on Scholars of Color in Education Awards: Distinguished
Career Contribution, Distinguished Scholar, Early Career Contribution
Distinguished Contribution to Gender Equity in Education Research Award

The call for nominations is posted on the AERA website at

12. 2012 AERA Institute on Statistical Analysis for Education Policy. The
topic will be Mathematics Education and Equity. The Institute's goal is to
build the capacity of the U.S. education research community to use
large-scale data sets supported by the National Center for Education
Statistics, NSF, and other federal agencies. Hands-on training is provided
in the application of large-scale data sets, with special emphasis on
using them for policy-related research in education.

The Institute will be held on May 16-18, 2012, in Washington, DC. Travel,
lodging, and meals are covered for accepted participants. For more
detailed information, see The
application deadline is January 10, 2012.
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