April 2012 Message from the VP
April 2012 Message from the VP
VP Announcements
VP Announcements - April 2012 
Hello Division H'ers. The annual conference is just around the corner. There will be several events in the VP suite in the Marriott. When I know the suite number I'll send it out. I hope to see everyone in Vancouver.

Four things to note:

A. We need 3-4 senior researchers to host graduate student roundtables at
the GS Orientation, Friday, April 13, 10-12, Fairmont Waterfront,
MacKenzie Room 1. The roundtaables will probably commence around 11. Let
me (judy@bctonline.com) and/or Brad Coverdale (bjcoverdale@gmail.com) know
if you will be available. Any graduate student who would like feedback on
his/her research is welcome to just show up and join a rountable. (Bring
10 cc of a research summary.)

B. We need volunteers at the Division H Booth. Please volunteer for an
hour or two and help the division while meeting other members from around
the country. We are in Booth #331 at the Convention Center. Booth hours
Friday 04/13/2012 Set up (wear clothes that might get a bit dirty) 1 - 2 pm
Sat 04/14/2012 Show Date 9 am - 6 pm
Sun 04/15/2012 Show Date 9 am - 4 pm
Mon 04/16/2012 Show Date 9 am - 5 pm
Mon 04/16/2012 Tear down (wear clothes that might get a bit dirty) 5 pm -
6 pm
Try to arrive 5 minutes early so the other volunteers can get to their
sessions. I have set the sign-up sheet to have up to 2 volunteers per time
slot. The link to the sign-up sheet is:
For more information contact: Dan Bugler, dbugler@wested.org,404-394-3747

B. I will host a bluegrass/old time/country music jam in the VP suite,
Sunday evening, around 7-9 pm. No RSVP needed; just show up if you want to
play or listen.

C. Please respond to the DRE survey. Information is attached.

1. New AERA Website. The new AERA website went on-line recently. You will
need to set up a new password before you can log into the system.
Directions for doing this are on the log-in page.

At least one member told me that if you created your conference schedule
under the previous system, you might need to do it again under the new

Please check the website content and let myself, Ray Moy
(raymond.moy@mail.cuny.edu), or Brad Coverdale (bjcoverdale@gmail.com)
know if you find Division H information that needs to be added or

2. Division H Newsletter. The pre-conference Reality Test has been
published on the new website. It is too large to attach to this blast. It
contains a complete listing of Division H sessions and special events. It
also has other articles of interest. Thanks to Mary Yakimowski for
coordinating publication.

3. Annual Conference. Special Division H events were described in the
March blast and are detailed in the newsletter. Just for completeness,
what follows is a short list.

3a. Remember that Division H is offering $50 travel support for graduate
 who are a current member of Division H and are delivering a paper
for any session at AERA in any format. We will distribute reimbursement
forms and provide assistance in completing them at our various graduate
student events.

3b. Graduate Student Orientation and Early Career Mentoring Session:
Friday, April 13, 10:00-12:00, Fairmont Waterfront, MacKenzie Room 1.
There is a brief orientation to Division H, including graduate student
activities for the annual meeting and early career mentoring
opportunities, followed by research roundtables. There will be

3c. Movers and Shakers Meeting: Friday, 8-10 pm, VP suite.  There will be
food and drink.

3d. Graduate Student Poster Session Using Data to Drive Educational
Success: Saturday, April 14, 10:35-12:05, Vancouver Convention Center, 1st
Level, East Ballroom B.

3e. Affirmative Action Perspectives: Blurring the Margin/Center
Divide Methodological, Theoretical, and Practical Implications for
Research: Saturday, April 14, 2:15-3:45, Marriott, 3rd Floor, Pinnacle

3f. Division H Breakfast and Business Meeting: Monday, April 16, 8:15-10:
15, Marriott, Pinnacle III.

3g. International Perspectives on Implementation and Effectiveness of
Teacher Evaluation Models:
 Monday, April 16, 2:15-3:45, Vancouver
Convention Center, 2nd floor, West Room 215-216.

3h. International Reception: Monday, April 16, 4:00-5:30, Vancouver
Convention Center, 2nd floor, West Room 215-216. The reception follows the
international session described above. There will be refreshments.

3i. Fireside Chat Your First Research Position: Insight and Advice from
Veterans in the Field: Monday, April 16, 4:05-5:35, Marriott, 4th floor,
Ambleside. Panelists will describe employment opportunities for those
pursuing school research-type degrees: Winona Burt (Division H Affirmative
Action Committee Chair, University of Connecticut), Dale Whittington
(Division H Secretary, Shaker Heights School District), Lorrie A. Shepard
(Universityh of Colorado), Zollie Stevenson (Howard University to discuss
government careers, and Joan Herman (UCLA to discuss career opportunities
in Labs, Centers, and research and development

3j. Graduate Student Reception: Monday, 5:30-6:30, VP suite. All graduate
students interested in Division H are invited, even if you are not
currently a member. We also invite other Division H members who want to
encourage graduate student participation in our division. There will be

3k. Division H Social Reception. Monday, April 16, 7-9 pm, Steamworks
Brewing Company, 375 Water Street. A map is included in the newsletter.
attached. We will also have flyers available at various Division H
activities during AERA.

3l. Changing Mathematics Education with Technology Through Research in
 Tuesday, April 17, 8:15-10:15, Vancouver Convention Center, 1st
level, East Ballroom A.

3m. Division H Booth. Exhibits area, Vancouver Convention Center, Exhibit
Hall A, Exhibition Level. We are booth #331. Look for an e-mail soon for
volunteers to sign up to staff the booth.

3n. Jam. I will host a bluegrass/oldtime/country music jam (acoustic
instruments) Sunday evening in the VP suite, 7-9 pm. All musicians and
others just wanting to listen or sing along are invited.

4. Mentorships. Division H supports mentoring opportunities by graduate
students just completing their programs. We offer up to four $1000 awards.
It is up to graduate students to find a mentor whose organization they
would like to visit. Contact Toni Stroter, <adstroter@liberty.edu>.
Applications will be reviewed periodically throughout the year.

5. The Centre for Culture, Identity and Education (CCIE) University of
British Columbia
 <http://ccie.educ.ubc.ca/> will present a FREE Two-Day
Black British Columbians: Race, Space and the Historical Politics of
Difference at the US/Canada Border
April 11 & 12, 2012, St. John's College, 2111 Lower Mall, University of
British Columbia
RSVP:  http://tinyurl.com/EarlyBlackSettlers
For more information, contact: <joanne.oconnor@ubc.ca>

6. AERA Task Forces. Our incoming AERA President, Bill Tierney, is
convening three task forces and is looking for volunteers to work on them.
The task forces are described on the new AERA web site: tenure, part-time
faculty, and bullying. The deadline for indicating indicating interest is
April 23.

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