Division H - International Relations Committee
Division H - International Relations Committee

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The international relations advisory committee is chaired by Dr. Kim Schildkamp and Dr. Cindy Poortman (University of Twente, The Netherlands). The purpose of the International Relations Committee is to promote outreach between Division H's international members and those in the United States, who are interested in applied research and program evaluation studies and/or assessment and accountability activities in PreK-12 and higher education settings.

Division H has many international members, from all over the world, with similar interests in topics such as accountability, evaluation, assessment, and data-based decision making. These members can learn a great deal from each other. In this network, we try to bring their knowledge together.


Each AERA, we aim to organize several events, such as: •A social reception where international members can meet, connect and network.

  • Symposia and paper sessions focusing on topics relevant for Division H from an international perspective.
  • An invited symposium with presenters from different countries, and as of 2015, a panel consisting of US discussants. The international researchers present their current research results on topics such as data-based decision making, evaluation, and formative assessment. After these presentations, a panel discusses the results from a US perspective, comparing and contrasting the international research results to US research results. The following VP invited sessions have been organized:
    • 2017: “Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity by Evaluation and Research in Schools” with participants from Sweden, Belgium, England, and The Netherlands, and with a US discussant.
    • 2016: “The use of formative assessment results to educate all in diverse democracies: Research results from four different countries” with participants from England, New Zealand, Australia, and The Netherlands, and with a US panel.
    • 2015: “Professional Development Interventions in Data Use and their Effects: An International Perspective” with participants from Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, and The Netherlands, and with a US panel.
    • 2013: “Poverty and Performance: International Perspectives on the Relationship of Socio-Economic Status and Assessment Outcomes”.
    • 2012 “Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness: Lessons From Around the World” with participants from Finland, Singapore and the U.S.
    • 2011: “Formative Assessment: International Perspectives and Applications”


We provide on-going updates of committee activities through the submission of articles in the Division H Reality Test newsletter. Also, you can follow us and communicate with us through Twitter: https://twitter.com/AERADIVHworld

Previous committee chairs

Previous committee chairs include: Burcu Kaniskan, Paul Favaro, Zsuzsanna Szabo, Whitney Wall, and Toni Stroter.


Dr. Kim Schildkamp, University of Twente, The Netherlands: k.schildkamp@utwente.nl

Dr. Cindy Poortman, University of Twente, The Netherlands: c.l.poortman@utwente.nl

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