Social Context of Education
Social Context of Education
Message from Division VP


Dear Division G Members, 

First, I am honored to serve as Division G’s Vice-President for the next three years. I recognize that I am following in the footsteps of Dr. Jerome Morris, a colleague who provided exemplary service to AERA and Division G. It is my goal to continue this legacy and ensure that Division G remains on the cutting edge (and in fact pushes the intellectual, policy, and practice-related boundaries) related to examining the social context of education.  As your Vice President, I am committed to improving member experiences and working to intersectional diversify the teaching profession within a social context of education through professional development opportunities for the members, students, and community partners.  With a deep and abiding commitment to creating and valuing equitable, interdisciplinary, and actionable research, especially in this current climate in which we have witnessed radical calls for equity throughout society, members of my leadership team look forward to the opportunity to envision new possibilities in scholarship, schooling, and society.  As AERA is the intellectual home for many in the social context of education, the focus of the leadership would be on strengthening the work we already do.


Cleveland Hayes, PhD
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Professor, Urban Teacher Education
Adjunct Professor, Africana Studies
Indiana University – IUPUI
Division G Vice President, American Education Research Association