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2019 Annual Meeting Graduate Student Events and Organization
1) AERA Div G Fireside Chat
2) AERA Div G Student Session
3) Div G Community Project
4) Get involved with Div G!
5) Stay Connected!
6) Graduate Student Travel Awards
7) Graduate Student Mentoring Pre-conference Program
Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee
Resisting The Academy: Transformative Approaches to Humanizing Research and Scholarship
Monday, April 8 | 12:20 to 1:50pm
Metro Toronto Convention Centre (700 Level, Room 701A)
DR. VERÓNICA NELLY VÉLEZ, Western Washington University
DR. EZEKIEL J. DIXON-ROMÁN, The University Of Pennsylvania
DR. DANIEL SOLÓRZANO, University Of California, Los Angeles
DR. KEON M. MCGUIRE, Arizona State University, Tempe
Many members of historically oppressed and minoritized groups often enter the academy with radical, brave, and visionary hopes of unraveling and transforming systemic oppression. However, the labor of challenging the dehumanizing roots of academic institutions often comes with significant physical, psychological, and emotional cost. This fireside chat session pushes back on dehumanizing experiences in academia by creating a space for scholars to share the ways in which they disrupt hegemonic and oppressive research frameworks. Panelists and attendees will discuss methods, theories, and pedagogies that have the potential to humanize academic life and offer new frames of approaching educational research. This interactive discussion will allow panelists to share their research, answer questions, and participate in discourse with participants.
Whose Stories, Whose Truths? Storytelling What’s Real in the Educational Experiences of Girls and Women of Color
Monday, April 8 | 4:10 to 6:10pm
Metro Toronto Convention Centre (700 Level, Room 716A)
DR. VENUS E. EVANS-WINTERS, Illinois State University
DR. NANCY EMILCE CARVAJAL MEDINA, Universidad Pedagogica y Tecnologica de Colombia
DR. LEE MARACLE, University of Toronto
DR. DOROTHY E. HINES, University of Kansas
DR. CATI V. DE LOS RIOS, University of California, Davis
This session features reflections on truth and storytelling centering educational experiences of girls and women of color. Inspired by Hill Collins’s (1998) encouragement to make ideas “more important to more people” and by Tuhiwai Smith’s (1999) call to name “what is really important about the past” and interrogate “what is most important about the present,” participants consider methods of storytelling in justice-oriented research. With particular emphasis on power granted to authorship in educational research, we ask Whose stories are we telling? Why are we telling them? Who gets to tell stories? Who gets to hear? Who granted permission or invited us to this work? How can storytelling participate in and contribute to an ethic of decolonizing methodology in education research?
3) Our Division G Community Project!
To support public school students in Detroit—a neighboring city to Toronto, where we will hold this year’s annual meeting—we are collaborating with two teachers to provide more books for their classrooms. Please consider purchasing a book for Ms. Thomas’ and/or Ms. Gulley’s students on their wish lists.
Give a book to...
Ms. Gulley’s middle schoolers at Central High School!
Ms. Thomas’ students at Timbuktu Academy!
Apply to join our Student Executive Committee and help lead our graduate student members during a two-year commitment, beginning summer 2019. Become a campus liaison and promote the work of Division G on your campus. Come to Div G business meeting or visit our website for more information:
Sunday, April 7, 7:05 to 8:35pm Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 800 Level, Room 801A
{Facebook} *Official* AERA Division G
{Twitter} @AERADivG
{listserv} Register through AERA website
6) Graduate Student Travel Award
Division G is pleased to announce travel awards for the 2019 Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. These $200 awards are intended to support travel to the AERA Annual Meeting for graduate students who are presenting their work and/or attending the Division G Graduate Student Mentoring Pre-Conference Program. 
Application deadline: Friday, February 15 at 11:59 pm PST
For questions or more information, please see attached flyer or contact 
7) Graduate Student Mentoring Pre-Conference

Friday, April 5, 2019, 7:30 A.M.-12:00 P.M.
Toronto, Ontario, 2019 AERA Annual Meeting

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Leigh Patel, PhD, Associate Dean of Equity and Justice, University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Interested graduate students must apply by 11:59 P.M. (PST) on December 12, 2018.

The theme of this year’s Preconference, “Paths of Purpose and (Inner) Peace,” invites participants to map purposeful pathways through academia which leave one’s passions and humanity intact. Recognizing the anxieties many of us carry, we will focus attention on self-care and mindfulness strategies for the journey. And we will explore the ways in which our paths may diverge, heading toward possibilities within and outside the confines of academia.
This half-day pre-conference is designed for participants to share their experiences, ask questions and engage in discussion with scholar-mentors. Topics this year center personal, academic, and professional well-being. Graduate students attending this session will walk away with concrete strategies to navigate the academy and beyond, while maintaining personal integrity and a commitment to equity and justice.

The day will be structured so that participants can attend three different small-group conversations on topics related to well-being, academic & professional skill-building, and alternatives to the faculty-route.

Application Information
Interested participants should complete the brief application form using the link below, as well as uploading a pdf with answers to two short-response questions, by December 12th.
Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:
● Overall quality and thoughtfulness of the application
● Demonstrated commitment to educational justice
● Degree to which the applicant would benefit from and contribute to the learning space
Division G is committed to providing an equitable and diverse representation of participants on the basis of identities, type of university, and disciplinary/research interests. Preference will be given to people who have not participated before. Space is limited and registration for participation is required. Incomplete or late applications unfortunately cannot be considered. Additionally, applicants must be current graduate students.

Final decisions will be announced by early January.
If you have any questions, please write to Division G Student Executive Committee at:
Div G Graduate Student Executive Committee
Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee Organization
Senior Representative
The Senior Representative serves a one-year term, leading the Committee in all of its efforts to support and provide resources to Division G graduate student members. The Senior Rep also acts as the liaison between the Committee and the Division’s Vice President and executive cabinet leadership, as well as the AERA Graduate Student Council.
Junior Representative
The Junior Representative will have served on one of the three subcommittees for at least one year and makes make a further two-year commitment to the Committee. The Junior Rep supports all subcommittee work throughout the year and apprentices the role of the Senior Representative. The Junior Rep is nominated by one or more members of the Executive Committee and assumes the role of Senior Rep the following year.


Graduate Student Executive Committee
The Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee consists of three subcommittees: (1) Campus Liaisons (CL); (2) Mentoring; and (3) Student Outreach & Technology (SOT). Each subcommittee strives to meet the needs of graduate students across the country and around the world. Below is a brief description of each subcommittee’s goals.
(1) Campus Liaisons
Graduate students serve as liaisons between AERA and their campuses across the country by connecting AERA to graduate students, institutions, faculty, and facilitating the conversations held at the annual conference throughout the year. At each institution, these liaisons create and coordinate events of interest for AERA Division G members. We have also created structures for sustaining for future campus liaison members (e.g. documents that explain how the campus liaison role is defined, creating a welcome packet, highlighting events other campuses have offered, etc.).We are planning our annual Campus Liaison Reception for the 2018 annual meeting. Current, past and future campus liaisons from all Divisions will be able to meet up and share best practices. Are you a current campus liaison? Someone looking to become one? Check out our Campus Liaison Resource Packet!
(2) Mentoring
The mentoring subcommittee plans the Mentoring Pre-Conference program to take place the first day of the Annual Meeting each year. We target graduate students at various stages in their respective programs. This half-day workshop is designed to provide resources for graduate students and facilitate relationships with faculty, helping to create a network of mentors to troubleshoot issues and contact for support.


(3) Student Outreach & Technology
Our committee facilitates nationwide discussions between faculty and graduate students concerning the relationship between educational processes and the social contexts of education in which they occur. We continue our webinar series, providing graduate students with opportunities throughout the year to have these conversations with scholars whose work and research focus on all the various social contexts of education. To remain connected to the DivG community and events, follow @aeradivg on Twitter and join the group “*Official* AERA Division G: Social Context of Education” on Facebook.
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