Selected 2014 Annual Meeting Papers
Selectivity and the College Experience: How Undermatching Shapes the College Experience Among High-Achieving Students
This study examined the first-year college experiences of high achieving academic undermatches. Confirming previous research, it finds that undermatching is a common outcome of the college choice process for high achieving students. 
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Toward the Education Nation? Revisiting the Impact of Financial Aid, College Experience, and Institutional Context on Baccalaureate Degree Attainment for Low Income Students
Assessing financial aid-related influences for low-income students, this study finds that need-based grants from all sources increase chances to complete a degree within six years, whereas unsubsidized (federal) loans are found to drastically lower chances to obtain a degree.
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Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Experiences Among Middle School Youth
This study indicated that middle school-aged students are experiencing real acts of sexual violence. These findings are consistent with studies of high school and college-age students that find that sexual harassment is quite prevalent.
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