Message from Division VP
Division VP

Ana M. Martínez Alemán
Vice President, Division J
Lynch School of Education
Boston College


These are head spinning times. Staggering, eye-opening times. How are we as higher educational researchers positioned to steady our national conversation on equity, to furnish ballast necessary for democratic progress and social stability?

AERA –J welcomes your contributions to our varied research conversations that aim to enrich our understanding of postsecondary policies and practices. As a division dedicated to expanding and deepening our knowledge of postsecondary structures and experiences, we look to your scholarly acumen to challenge the justification for higher educational inequities, and to explain and unravel the many cognitive and developmental riddles that characterize college experiences. We look to your keen scrutiny of federal and state policies that challenge or advance higher education’s public mission.  We welcome interactions and exchanges that thwart scholarly and research stagnation, and that dare us to interrogate further, deeper, wider, and perhaps even differently.

In 2017, the city of San Antonio will welcome the AERA membership. On behalf of the Division J membership, I extend to you an invitation to join our scholarly community as we deliberate on the many difficult and urgent concerns that shape and inform the geography, constitution, and public mission of higher education.

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