Graduate Student Activities
Graduate Student Representatives

Karley Riffe (2016-2018)
University of Georgia

Laila McCloud (2017-2019)
University of Iowa

Carrie Klein (Member-at-Large, 2016-2018)
George Mason University

If you are a registered Division J student and supplied your email address to AERA, you will receive informative emails through our e-mail list ( If you are not registered but would like to receive these emails, please email one of the Graduate Student Representatives.

Conversations with Scholars Series (CwS)

Conversations with Scholars (CwS) is a mini-workshop series led by prominent higher education scholars that is intended to cover relevant research and professional development-related topics in higher education. The programs are presented using Google Hangout technology to provide an environment wherein graduate students and scholars can engage each other to learn more about the proposed topic. Examples of workshop topics include: intersectionality in higher education, the use of quasi-experimental methods, and critical theory. If you have any suggestions for topics or scholars you’d like to see, let us know.


#DivJChat is an initiative meant to foster conversation about a hot-topic in higher education amongst the Division J community. #DivJChat leverages Twitter’s open and engaging platform and insights from renowned scholars who are invited as guest facilitators to provide access and visibility to important conversations that are influencing higher education. Have an idea for #DivJChat? Share it with us!

Mentoring Match

Mentoring Match is an academic and professional networking initiative among graduate student members of Division J (Postsecondary Education) attending the AERA Annual Meeting.  This peer-to-peer networking initiative is intended to connect fellow graduate students during the AERA Annual Meeting and forge long-term scholarly connections in higher education beyond AERA.  Make sure to sign up to be a mentor or mentee at the Annual Meeting.

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Tips for a Successful Conference Proposal Review

Presented by Judy Marquez Kiyama, July 27, 2016

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