The Catholic Education SIG Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to the field of Catholic education. The purposes of the SIG are to support, promote, and disseminate information, research, and evaluation of Catholic education written from a diverse set of perspectives, including interdisciplinary and international issues.

Past Recipients

2023: Antonio Felix (Loyola Marymount University)
“Si no yo, ¿entonces quién?”: Testimonios of Latino/a Catholic School Teachers in Under-Resourced Urban Catholic Schools

2021: Angelo Rizzo, SJ (University of San Francisco)
Inclusive Service Delivery in Jesuit Secondary Education: A Case Study of the Rodriguez Learning Services Program at Manresa Prep

2019: Julie W. Dallavis (University of Notre Dame)
Does a School’s Mission Matter? Examining Explicit Statements and Underlying Beliefs

2017: Robert Jean LeBlanc (University of Pennsylvania)
Literacy, Strategy, and Identity in Interaction: Vietnamese and Mexican Immigrant Students in Urban Catholic Schooling

2015: Jennifer Aguilar (Loyola Marymount University)
Latinas' Access to Advanced Placement Courses: A Case Study of a Catholic Female Single Sex High School

2013: R. Joseph Waddington (University of Michigan)
Urban Catholic Schools in Expanding Charter School Markets: Enrollment Shifts and School Closures
Ursula Aldana (University of California, Los Angeles)
College Dreams, Corporate Work Study, Brotherhood and Belonging: How Urban High Schools Structure Opportunity for Low Income Latino and African American Male Youth

2011: Christian Dallavis (University of Michigan)
Extending Theories of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: An Ethnographic Examination of Catholic Schooling in an Immigrant Community in Chicago


The Outstanding Contribution to Research in Catholic Education award recognizes excellent achievement and success in Catholic education research. This award will be given to honor a meritorious colleague, one who is considered by other Catholic education researchers to stand out in the profession as they meet the very highest professional standards of achievement. This includes significant publications and conference presentations in the area of Catholic education. Those eligible for this award will have conducted research and published significant scholarly contributions in the field (the award is intended for people in mid-career and beyond, scholars who have been participating in the field for 10+ years).

Past Recipients
2024: Hoffsman Ospino, Boston College

2022: Ronald J. Nuzzi, Catapult Learning, LLC