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News & Announcements

Dear CTBE members and friends,

Due to the pandemic and unexpected circumstances, some members requested to extend the deadline. See the below call for awards with revised deadline (January 15th, 2021). Please circulate this award information with extended deadline to colleagues.


Seungho Moon


Dear CTBE SIG family members,

Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism in Education SIG is calling for 2021 AERA awards. We would greatly appreciate it if you could please help us distribute the news and nominate qualified award candidates. According to the AERA Awards policy, "membership in AERA and the SIG is not required to be nominated or to be a recipient of an award." Self-nominations are accepted. 

1.Early Career Outstanding Research Award

This award is established to honor the accomplishments of early career scholars and promote emerging leadership in the ongoing East/West dialogues in order to advance the scholarship in this field.

Selection Criteria: demonstrate a consistent commitment to generating scholarship in the SIG area of study. (1) journal/book publications related to the SIG themes (minimum 3 published articles or book chapters or a single-authored/single-edited book), (2) AERA presentations related to the SIG themes, originality and significance of work, (3) significant service and contribution provided for the SIG in helping with CTBE goals and its visibility in the professional community or the AERA community, 4) have completed doctoral work in less than eight years prior to submission.

2.Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award

Participation and support for graduate students has been a strong tradition of the CTBE SIG. Our SIG currently sponsors two awards specifically for graduate student members.

This award is established to encourage the new generation of educators to participate in the ongoing East/West dialogues and to mentor new promising scholars in this area. It recognizes one student’s scholarship that promises to make a contribution to the field of East/West dialogues in education, particularly to worldwide discussions on Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and their relationships with other Eastern and Western philosophies in the field of education within and across cultures.

Selection Criteria: (1) a current graduate student, (2) submits a single-authored paper (published or unpublished work) related to the topics of this SIG, (3) a curriculum vitae.

Selection will be based on the following criteria:

    1. Depth of understanding
    2. Scholarly contribution
    3. Clarity of writing and consistence of professional style
    4. The award will be only conferred when the selected paper is of a high quality; if no nominated paper reaches the standard, then that year will not have an award recipient.

To apply for the above awards, please send the nomination materials to Dr. Seungho Moon ( by January 15th, 2021:

1.The name of the award,

2.The name of the nominee as well as his/her program and school,

3.A nomination letter indicating the qualifications of the candidates related to each award,

4.A resume of the nominee,

5.Application materials related to each award.

Important dates

1.By January 15th, the nomination processes will be closed and nomination materials will be sent to the nomination chair,

2.By January 25th, awards committee will deliberate and make a decision,

3.By February 1st, the name of award winner will be submitted to the AERA Central Office,

4.In April 2021, all awards will be disbursed during the SIG business meeting at AERA.


The Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Education (CTBE) SIG is a special interest group under American Educational Research Association’s SIG was established to bring together individuals who share a common interest in in-depth, cross-cultural, international dialogue on how Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism in both classical and contemporary schools of thought can inform educational theory and practice. CTBE SIG provides a forum within the Association for the involvement of individuals drawn together by common interests in eastern philosophy and educational research. It provides opportunities for members to participate actively in the Association both through SIG activities and in leadership positions. CTBE SIG intends to become

- A home for scholars who are interested in  Eastern philosophy

- A bridge of idea-exchange between the East and the West

- A platform for advancing human civilization and social change

Wishing everyone a wonderful semester!


Seungho Moon

Chair, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and Education SIG of AERA


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AERA CTBE SIG newsletter_summer 2020



 American Educational Research Association



SIG 171

April 13-17, 2018

New York, NY


Time: Sun, April 15, 8:15 to 9:45am

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Act III-IV Room

Session Type: Roundtable Session

Session Title: Alternative Approaches to Teaching-Learning: Conversations Among Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism

Chair: Xin Li, California State University - Long Beach

Paper 1:

Title: New Confucian Liang Shuming's Transformation of John Dewey's Philosophy in Chinese Rural Education

Presenter: James Z. Yang, Independent scholar

Paper 2:

Title: Wuwei and Self-Organization in Juxtaposition: Informing Classroom Dynamics

Presenter: Hongyu Wang, Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Paper 3:

Title: The Buddha in the Workshop: Being with Teachers After School –

Presenter: Aditya Adarkar, Montclair State University;

David Lee Keiser, Montclair State University

Paper 3:

Title: U.S. Teachers' Perception of Confucian Teaching Philosophies and Methodologies

Presenters: Tak C. Chan, Kennesaw State University;

Binbin Jiang, Kennesaw State University;

Meimei Xu, Kennesaw State University


Time: Sun, April 15, 10:35am to 12:05pm

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Room 1503

Session Title: Contemplating Educational and Socio-Environmental Transformation: Learning from the I Ching, or Book of Changes

Session Type: Symposium

Chair: Xin Li, California State University - Long Beach

Paper 1:

Title: Contemplating Change, Transformation, and "Radical" Transformation in the Anthropocene: Learning from the I Ching

Presenter 1: Claudia Eppert, University of Alberta;

Presenter 2: Qian Ye, University of Alberta


Paper 2:

Title: The Beauty of Ambiguity: Rethinking the Goal of Education with the I Ching –

Presenter: Shaofei Han, Louisiana State University


Paper 3:

Title: I Ching's Wisdom on Transformative Education: Cultivation of Virtues and Energy – Presenter: Jing Lin, University of Maryland - College Park


Paper 4:

Title: Synchronize Currere as Possibilities in the I Ching –

Presenter 1: Jie Yu, Rollins College


Paper 5:

Title: Unpacking Confucius' "Wind-Pedagogy" in I Ching Through Heidegger's Language Perspective –

Presenter: Weili Zhao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Time: Sun, April 15, 12:15am to 13:15pm

Place: TBA

Session Type: Pre-business meeting


Time: Mon, April 16, 6:15 to 7:45pm,

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Room 1503

Session Type: Business Meeting

Session Chair: Dengting Boyanton

Business Meeting Agenda:

1.         Welcome and introduction

2.         Review 2017

a.         Executive Board

b.         Membership

c.         Funds

d.         Awards

3.         Envision 2018

a.         2018-2020 goal and objectives

i.          Membership

ii.         Funds

iii.        Academic activities, e.g., Monthly Online CTBE Lecture Series

iv.        Publicity

b.         2019 Toronto AERA conference

4.         Keynote Speech: Dr. Peter Bol, Harvard University (TBC)

5.         Open Forum: Past, Present and Future of CTBE SIG


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