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CTBE Business Meeting Agenda

American Educational Research Association



SIG 171

April 13-17, 2018

New York, NY


Time: Sun, April 15, 8:15 to 9:45am

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Act III-IV Room

Session Type: Roundtable Session

Session Title: Alternative Approaches to Teaching-Learning: Conversations Among Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism

Chair: Xin Li, California State University - Long Beach

Paper 1:

Title: New Confucian Liang Shuming's Transformation of John Dewey's Philosophy in Chinese Rural Education

Presenter: James Z. Yang, Independent scholar

Paper 2:

Title: Wuwei and Self-Organization in Juxtaposition: Informing Classroom Dynamics

Presenter: Hongyu Wang, Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Paper 3:

Title: The Buddha in the Workshop: Being with Teachers After School –

Presenter: Aditya Adarkar, Montclair State University;

David Lee Keiser, Montclair State University

Paper 3:

Title: U.S. Teachers' Perception of Confucian Teaching Philosophies and Methodologies

Presenters: Tak C. Chan, Kennesaw State University;

Binbin Jiang, Kennesaw State University;

Meimei Xu, Kennesaw State University

Time: Sun, April 15, 10:35am to 12:05pm

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Room 1503

Session Title: Contemplating Educational and Socio-Environmental Transformation: Learning from the I Ching, or Book of Changes

Session Type: Symposium

Chair: Xin Li, California State University - Long Beach

Paper 1:

Title: Contemplating Change, Transformation, and "Radical" Transformation in the Anthropocene: Learning from the I Ching

Presenter 1: Claudia Eppert, University of Alberta;

Presenter 2: Qian Ye, University of Alberta

Paper 2:

Title: The Beauty of Ambiguity: Rethinking the Goal of Education with the I Ching –

Presenter: Shaofei Han, Louisiana State University

Paper 3:

Title: I Ching's Wisdom on Transformative Education: Cultivation of Virtues and Energy – Presenter: Jing Lin, University of Maryland - College Park

Paper 4:

Title: Synchronize Currere as Possibilities in the I Ching –

Presenter 1: Jie Yu, Rollins College

Paper 5:

Title: Unpacking Confucius' "Wind-Pedagogy" in I Ching Through Heidegger's Language Perspective –

Presenter: Weili Zhao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Time: Sun, April 15, 12:15am to 13:15pm

Place: TBA

Session Type: Pre-business meeting

Time: Mon, April 16, 6:15 to 7:45pm,

Place: Crown Plaza Times Square, Room 1503

Session Type: Business Meeting

Session Chair: Dengting Boyanton

Business Meeting Agenda:

1.         Welcome and introduction

2.         Review 2017

a.         Executive Board

b.         Membership

c.         Funds

d.         Awards

3.         Envision 2018

a.         2018-2020 goal and objectives

i.          Membership

ii.         Funds

iii.        Academic activities, e.g., Monthly Online CTBE Lecture Series

iv.        Publicity

b.         2019 Toronto AERA conference

4.         Keynote Speech: Dr. Peter Bol, Harvard University (TBC)

5.         Open Forum: Past, Present and Future of CTBE SIG

SIG 171 and 2015 Annual Meeting


April 16-20, Chicago, Illinois  

Location: Swissotel, Event Centre Second Level, ST. Gallen 1

Keynote Speech:
Active Role of Learners: An examination of Xun Zi’s Understanding of Learning/Knowledge Acquisition

Liqing Tao
College of Staten Island – CUNY
Gaoyin Qian 
Lehman College – CUNY

PAPER SESSION (8:15-10:15AM): FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015

Session Title: Education as working within: Unfolding selfhood from Confucianist, Taoist, and Buddhist Perspectives
Location: Swissotel, Event Centre Second Level, ST. Gallen 1

1. Confucian Selfhood and the Idea of Multicultural Education.
Chenyu Wang, University of Virginia

2. Discussion on Tian-ren Learning and Its Implication to Modern Education
Jingyi Liu, University of Hawaii at Manoa; Lu Leng, University of Hawaii at Manoa

3. Exploring Cultural Approach for School Counseling: Use of Mindfulness for Promoting Students’ Wellbeing in Hong Kong Secondary Schools. 
Ming-tak Hue, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

4. The Treasure of Nature: Exploring the Pedagogical Implications of Equity in Daoism and Lost Gospels. 
Wilma Maki, Capilano University

5.  Where is the Mustard Seed? The Challenges and Possibilities of Teaching Compassionately. 
David Keiser, Montclair State University

6. “Wind” as Pedagogy: Confucius’s Pedagogic Vision in the Yijing Guan-Hexagram and Mao’s Wind-Regulation in the 1940s.
Weili Zhao, University of Wisconsin – Madison


Location: Hyatt, East Tower –Purple Level, Riverside West

1. Becoming a Walkaway: A Buddhist and Depth Psychological Approach to Scapegoating. 
Alexandra Fidyk, University of Alberta

2. Pro and Con of Confucius Values and Their Shaping of Mainland China University Students Mental State. 
Lei Zhang, Tsinghua University; Xiaoyang Wang, Tsinghua University

3. Sense of Self: A Comparative Study Between American and Chinese College Students. 
Dengting Boyanton, Long Island University

4. Teachers’ Attitudes toward Education of Traditional Morality in Mainland China. 
Xi Wang, Beijing Normal University 

Other Meetings of Interest

AERA 2014
Confucianism, Taoism and Education SIG Program
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Thursday April 3, 6:15 to 7:45pm,
Convention Center, 100 Level, 108A

From a Philosophical Perspective: Influences of Confucianism and Buddhism on School Guidance and Counseling
Ming-tak Hue, The Hong Kong Institute of Education

The Influence and Relevance of Confucianism, Taois, and Buddhism for Education, Self, and Research
Friday, April 4, 8: 15am to 10:15am
Convention Center, 100 Level, 105B

Academic Press in Cultures of Learning: An Examination of PISA 2009
Xiu Cravens, Vanderbilt University
Nianbo Dong, University of Missouri - Columbia

Asian Values and Democratic Citizenship: Exploring Attitudes among South Korean 8th Graders
Ryan Thomas Knowles, University of Missouri

Predictors for Parental Satisfaction on Buddhist Preschools in South Korea
Hee Jung Min, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Embodied Pathway to Peace: Qi Cultivation for Integration of Body, Emotion, Ethics and Action
Tom E. Culham, The University of British Columbia;
Jing Lin, University of Maryland, College Park

Expanding Embodied Study with Insights of Classical Chinese Body Thought
Xuyang Qian, Hangzhou Normal University

Wuwei (non-action) Philosophy and Actions: Rethinking “Actions” in School Reform.
Seungho Moon, Oklahoma State University – Stillwater

Taoism, Deconstruction, and Educational Research
Hongyu Wang, Oklahoma State University – Tulsa

Confucianism and Taoism: Learning to Read and Learning to Be.
Friday, April 4, 2:15pm to 3:45pm, Convention Center, 400 Level, Terrace IV

Language And Meaning: Pre-Qin Chinese Scholars’ Concerns and Implications for Literacy Education Then and Now
Liqing Tao, College of Staten Island – CUNY
Gaoyin Qian, Lehman College – CUNY

Hammering at the Clouds of Universal Nature: Education Paradox and the Possibilities of Sea Mind
David Lee Keiser, Montclair State University

Stay or Go Back? An Exploratory Study on Educational Decision Making of Chinese Visitant Parents
Haiping Hao, Texas A&M University


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