Research Connections
Research Connections

Recent Publications on Districts in Research and Reform:

Policies Restricting Teaching About Race and Gender Spill Over into Other States and Localities: Findings from the 2023 State of the American Teacher Survey. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2024.

Building Organizational and Individual Capacities in State and Local Education Agencies: The First Five Years of the Center to Improve Social and Emotional Learning and School Safety. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation, 2023.

Disciplining Our Own: Politicizing the Image of the Strict Black Principals, 1970-1985 -

School Choice, Local Discretion, and Stratification: Evidence From Inter-district Open Enrollment in Metro Detroit -

UNESCO (2023). Leading teaching and learning together: the role of the middle tier

EDT & UNESCO (2023). Leading teaching and learning together: The role of the middle tier

Tempering Applied Critical Leadership:  The Im/Possibilities of Leading for Racial Justice in School Districts -

“The Business of Teaching and Learning”: Institutionalizing Equity in Educational Organizations Through Continuous Improvement -

Districts Continue to Struggle with Staffing, Political Polarization, and Unfinished Instruction: Selected Findings from the Fifth American School District Panel Survey -

Prioritizing Racial Equity Within Social and Emotional Learning in Tacoma: One of Six Case Studies of Schools and Out-of-School-Time Program Partners (Volume 2, Part 6) -

Coercion and Consent for the U.S. Education Market: Community Engagement Policy Under Racialized Fiscal Surveillance -

District Partnerships with University Principal Preparation Programs: A Summary of Findings for School District Leaders (Volume 3, Part 4) -

Walking a Fine Line—Educators' Views on Politicized Topics in Schooling: Findings from the State of the American Teacher and State of the American Principal Surveys -

Anti-racist educational leadership and policy: Addressing racism in public education -

Open Enrollment and Disrupting the Political Ecology of U.S. Public Education -

Exposing the White Innocence Playbook of School District Leaders -

“This is civil disobedience. I’ll continue.”: The racialization of school board meeting rules -

How Education Sector Functioning Is Affected by Political Economy Considerations: Perspectives from District Level Education Officials in Nepal -

Reforming for Racial Justice: A Narrative Synthesis and Critique of the Literature on District Reform in Ontario Over 25 Years -

Subverting Whiteness and Amplifying Anti-Racisms: Mid-Level District Leadership for Racial Justice -