Who We Are
Who We Are
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The postcolonial studies SIG is concerned with possibilities in curriculum studies that address the legacies of colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and slavery and engage with the challenges and possibilities of on-going decolonization, global justice and solidarity  in education. Therefore, our members are involved in research concerning questions of dominance, power, resistance, contestations of justice,  representation, difference, pluralism, political economies, the reproduction of privilege, and teaching/learning about suffering/exploitation and implication in harm. We encourage inter-sectional analyses that connect the logics of capital, colonialism, nationalism, cultural/racial supremacy, patriarchy, hetero-normativity, ableism, international development and the politics of knowledge production. In 2012 our invited guest was Prof Anne Hickling Hudson who spoke about the joys and difficulties of using post-colonial theory to teach about global justice in Australia. Her talk inspired us to organize a pre-conference event in 2013 on Pedagogies of Implication.
SIG Officers


Chair, 2012-2013, Program Chair 2011-2012,

Vanessa de Oliveira (Andreotti), PhD,
Professor of Global Education
Professori, Kasvatustiede, Kansainvälisyyskasvatus
University of Oulu
Faculty of Education
P.O.Box 2000
FIN-90014 Oulu, Finland

Secretary/Treasurer, 2009-2012
Binaya Subedi, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
School of Teaching and Learning
Ohio State University

Program Co-Chair, 2012-2013
Anne Hickling-Hudson, PhD
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Cultural and Language Studies in Education
Queensland University of Technology,
Brisbane, Australia

Program Co-Chair, 2012-2013, Chair, 2011-2012, Program Chair, 2010-2011
Joseph Zanoni, PhD, MILR
Research Assistant Professor
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
School of Public Health
University of Illinois at Chicago

Founding Members
Bernadette Baker, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nirmala Erevelles, University of Alabama

Structure & Governance


Article I: Name

The name of the organization is Postcolonial Studies and Education (SIG/PSE). Read More

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