Who We Are
Who We Are
Profile of SIG 136 Members


Workplace learning can be defined as the acquisition of professional competence necessary for proficient performance at the workplace. It can take place through a variety of methods, such as formal training programs, informal mentorship, or self-directed independent study. Workplace training helps employees stay up to date with the latest industry developments, and advances in technology, by providing the knowledge and capabilities to perform efficiently and effectively.
SIG Officers

Viola Deutscher 

SIG Chair:

Viola Deutscher, Ph.D.

Professor for Business and Economic Education

Chair for Competence Development and Training Quality

University of Mannheim

Mannheim, Germany





Program Chair:

James E. Bartlett, II, Ph.D.

Professor of Postsecondary Career Education

Director Charlotte Adult and Community College Doctoral Cohort

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC

The United States of America




Beth Bailey


Elizabeth Bailey, Ph.D.

Instructor Innovation and Design

Texas A&M University

Commerce, TX

The United States of America


Structure & Governance

The SIG Bylaws have been approved by AERA Governance.  They will send them out for a vote by members at some point.  They are available for review here.

Website Management

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