Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
Welcome to the website for the Teaching History SIG of the American Educational Research Association

Message from SIG Chair

This year’s AERA theme calls for dismantling racial injustice and constructing educational possibilities. This year’s theme asks educators and researchers “to look back, but to imagine forward.” The Teaching History SIG has a particular role in supporting this call by helping scholars consider how one might conduct inquiries into the past in ways that do not reproduce racial injustice. The work of our SIG is crucial amidst erasures of histories of racially marginalized, LGBTQ, and other communities from schools and libraries.

The Teaching History SIG is interested in proposals which address the exclusion of racially minoritized groups and others who have traditionally been undervalued by AERA and academic institutions. To that end, we invite individual session papers, roundtable discussion papers and symposium proposals from scholars in our field (including graduate students).

We also request scholars in our field to submit their service as reviewers, discussants, and session chairs for this year's Teaching History SIG sessions.

For all inquiries related to the Teaching History SIG program for this year’s AERA, including interest in serving as reviewer, discussant and session chair, please contact Program Chair, Jenni Conrad, at


Tadashi Dozono