Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting
2023 Annual Meeting - Call for Submissions

Teaching History SIG Call for Submissions

The Teaching History Special Interest Group is a space within AERA for researchers of history education to examine important topics related to teaching and learning, teacher education, and curriculum development. As defined in our mission statement:

To provide a forum for the presentation, discussion, and encouragement of research on and deliberation about the teaching of history.

We invite you to submit your research at the 2023 Annual Meeting through the Teaching History SIG. We encourage work that is exclusively related to teaching and learning history. It is our hope that a broad range of work will be represented, that includes diverse methodologies, perspectives, and places. Aligning with the 2023 AERA Annual Meeting theme, we encourage submissions that interrogate the role of history education in the pursuit of truth and equity, and co-construct inquiries in solidarity with underrepresented groups in the study of the past. We look forward to receiving your submission and hope to see you in Chicago or via virtual platform!

Read the full SIG Call for Submissions here: TeachingHistorySIG23CallforSubmissions.pdf

We strongly encourage you to send this call for submissions to any graduate students or colleagues who may not be a member of our SIG. 

Questions about the submission process? Contact the Teaching History SIG Program Chair: Tadashi Dozono (California State University Channel Islands) at



2022 Annual Meeting - Program

Teaching History

Special Interest Group



American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting

“Cultivating Equitable Education Systems For the 21st Century”

San Diego, CA | April 21-26, 2022


SIG Business Meeting

Monday, April 25th, 6-7pm PDT

Manchester Grand Hyatt

2nd Level

Harbor Tower

Harbor Ballroom D


Dr. Leilani Sabzalian


Reception to Follow at 7pm

Social Tap San Diego

815 J St. Suite #101

(outdoor patio reserved for SIG)


Sunday, April 24

Paper Session: Teacher Orientations: Praxis and Pedagogies of Critical History Teachers

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm PDT

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, Floor: 2nd Level, Harbor Tower, Balboa B

Discussant, Christopher C. Martell, University of Massachusetts Boston


Ambitious Teaching: A Study of Elementary Teachers’ Perspectives on History Content-Based Professional Development and Social Studies Introduction

Katherine Perrotta, Mercer University


Difficult-ish: Amplifying Black Teachers’ Pedagogies to Reimagine What We Mean by Difficult Histories

Brittany Jones, Michigan State University


Exploration of History Teachers’ Expertise in Teaching Historical Thinking

Latife Eda Kuzuca, University of Reading


High School Social Studies Teachers and the Idea of Radical Change

Cathryn van Kessel, University of Alberta

Kennedy Jones, University of Alberta


Ideologies-in-Pieces: Award-Winning History Teachers’ Complex Stances on Race, Racism, Whiteness and Antiracism

Charley Brooks, University of California- Santa Cruz


Monday, April 25

Roundtable Session 14: Complicity, Identity, and Nationalism in History Curriculum

8:00 am to 9:30 am PDT

Location: San Diego Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B

Chair: Eric B. Freedman, The University of Iowa

Discussant: Benjamin M. Jacobs, George Washington University


Keep the Other Distant: Preservice Teachers’ Framing on World History Discussions

Timothy Patterson, Temple University

Jenni Conrad, Temple University


Part of Apart: Framing the Relationship Between the United States and the World

Erin A. Bronstein, Oklahoma State University-Stillwater


Place, Memory, and Historical Injustice: Learning History on an Internment-Era Bus Tour

James Miles, Teachers College, Columbia University


Roundtable Session 14: Curricular Textures: Theory, Reality, and Standards

8:00 am to 9:30 am PDT

Location: San Diego Convention Center, Exhibit Hall B

Chair & Discussant: Cory Wright-Maley, St. Mary’s University


“Technology Inevitably Involves Trade-Offs”: A Study of How Three States’ Social Studies Standards Frame Technology

Daniel G. Krutka, University of North Texas

Scott Alan Metzger, The Pennsylvania State University


Misleading Mandates: The Null Curriculum of Genocide Education

Anna Yonas, University of Virginia

Stephanie van Hover, University of Virginia


“No Humans Involved” Revisited: History Education and Curriculum Through the Lens of Sylvia Wynter

Esther June Kim, William & Mary


Paper Session: Place, Space, and Lessons for Social Justice

2:30 pm to 4:30 pm PDT

Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt, Floor: 2nd Level, Harbor Tower, Balboa B

Chair: Jesus Tirado, Auburn University


Connecting Past to Present: Building Black and Women’s Historical Consciousness With Timelines in Elementary Grades

Kathryn Crystal Mapps Cirelli, Berkeley Unified School District


Refashioning Destiny: A Critical Examination of a State History Museum’s Highlight Film

Melissa Rojas Williams, The University of Texas at Austin

Joanna Batt, The University of Texas at Austin

Michael Joseph, The University of Texas at Austin

Heath T. Robinson, The University of Texas at Austin


Violence and Abolitionism: Teaching and Learning About John Brown’s Raid

Chara H. Bohan, Georgia State University

LaGarrett Jarriel King, University at Buffalo

Robert Baker, Georgia State University


“People Say We Melded Together But We Didn’t”: Teaching and Learning Critical Place-Based Histories of the Roslyn Cemeteries

Taiko Aoki-Marcial, University of Washington

Lauren Plitkins, University of Washington


Reading the Tulsa Race Massacre: Considering the Role of Text Genre in History Teaching

Emma Bene, Stanford University

2022 Graduate Student Paper Award

The AERA Teaching History SIG confers a Graduate Student Paper Award every two years. The next award will be given at the 2022 Teaching History SIG Business Meeting. We encourage graduate students who presented a paper at Teaching History SIG sessions at the 2021 Annual Meeting or accepted to the 2022 Annual Meeting to be nominated or self-nominate. Please read the below Call for Graduate Student Paper Award Nominees and complete eligibility requirements.

2022 Call for Graduate Student Paper Award Nominees

Questions? E-mail SIG Chair Christopher Martell (University of Massachusetts Boston),

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