Who We Are
Who We Are
Profile of SIG 123 Members
The SIG membership is approximately 120, including professionals in the fields of education and consulting, as well as a large number of graduate students. Many of our members participate in other organizations that have interests in survey research. Among these are the American Association of Public Opinion Research and the Section on Survey Research Methods of the American Statistical Association. In addition, our SIG provides an excellent source for students currently pursuing their degrees in higher education to interact with survey researchers and to present their own research on methodological issues in survey research.
SIG Officers

Officers for SIG Survey Research in Education- 2023-2024


Peter H. Siegel

5/1/2023 - 4/30/2024, siegel@rti.org

RTI International

Program Chair

Jennifer Richardson McGee, mcgeejr@appstate.edu

5/1/2023 - 4/30/2024

Appalachian State University

Reich College of Education

Department of Leadership and Education Studies



Shu Jen Chen-Worley, s20research17@gmail.com

5/1/2023 - 4/30/2024

Touro University

School of Education


Honors Award Chair

Dr. Tatia Prieto, www.PrismaticServices.com

Prismatic Services, Inc.

Charlotte, NC 28202

Nominations Chair

Ulemu Luhanga, ulemuluhanga@gmail.com

Emory University

School of Medicine


Newsletter Editor

Jingshun Zhang, jzhang@fgcu.edu

Florida Gulf Coast University

College of Education

Department of Leadership, Technology and Research



Jere Turner, jturner@ccsnh.edu

Manchester Community College, NH