Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education SIG 93
Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education SIG 93
Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education SIG 93 Purpose
The mission of the Special Interest Group (SIG) is to provide a forum for the dissemination and critical analysis of research on learning and instruction in physical education. 
Message from SIG Chair: Risto Marttinen

Dear Members of the Special Interest Group (SIG) 93,

Whether you are long-time members of our group or you are just joining us. As the chair of this dynamic and forward-thinking group, I am delighted that you are here!

Our SIG, as many of you know, is committed to advancing the understanding of learning and instruction in physical education by promoting and disseminating innovative research. This research is pivotal, shaping educational policies and practices, and ultimately contributing to the field of education and helping both students and teachers thrive. 

One of our most immediate objectives as an executive board is building a robust program for the 2024 American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in Philadelphia. We are committed to designing a program that enriches the collective knowledge of our members and fosters enlightening discussions on contemporary issues in our field. 

In line with our commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive community, we continue our work to grow our membership. Each new member brings their unique perspective and adds to the diverse mosaic of experiences and insights in our group. We therefore encourage you all to spread the word about our SIG and extend our reach across the educational research community. We especially want to welcome graduate students to join the SIG as we have a lot of opportunities for mentoring, and spaces for them to share their work.

In order to achieve a more comprehensive dissemination of our members' research and provide a platform for our emerging scholars, we will be hosting a series of online webinars as we have been for the last few years. These webinars are not only valuable networking and learning opportunities but also a chance for our graduate students to share their work and gain constructive feedback from a broad audience. We will announce the dates in the early fall.

Moreover, we aim to build a more robust mentoring community. We believe that mentoring is not only crucial for the professional growth of our younger members but also a means to ensure the continuity of our group's mission and values. Experienced members will have the opportunity to guide emerging researchers, passing on their knowledge and wisdom. We will also build out mentoring groups for mid-career scholars. 

Now, for some key dates and practical information: The AERA annual conference will be held in Philadelphia from April 11th to the 14th, 2024. Also, please mark your calendars for the Invisible College on April 10th – a full day dedicated to dynamic, interactive, and engaging discussions and presentations about our field. 

Please note that abstract submissions for the conference are due July 31st this year. These should be 2,000-word structured abstracts (see the call from AERA) and should be submitted to our SIG directly. This is a wonderful opportunity to present your research and contribute to the rich knowledge base of our field.

As we embark on these promising initiatives, we want to ensure that our members have a say in shaping our SIG's future. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions on how we can make our SIG stronger. You can reach me directly at 

We look forward to the continued success and growth of our SIG in the coming year, and we are excited to see the dynamic contributions from our esteemed members.

Thank you for your passion, your commitment, and your contributions to our SIG.


Risto Marttinen

Chair, SIG on Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education (RLIPE)

Associate Professor

George Mason University

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Risto Marttinen

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Wayne State University

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Hayley McKown

University of Idaho

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Key Initiatives
Lawrence F. Locke Graduate Student Research Award. This award is given to the graduate student who is the lead author of the paper which is accepted with the highest rating score for SIG presentation at the AERA annual meeting. Learn More