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News & Announcements
Conference PBL and PrBL in K-12 Schools

Conference about PBL and PrBL in K-12 schools

We are excited to share information about a project-based learning focused education conference this summer in Dallas, Texas, USA, grounded in supporting the implementation of PBL and PrBL in K-12 schools! Participants will discover rubrics based on the New Tech Network Model, a school transformation model designed to support PBL, and will ground themselves in a common foundational understanding of bookend lessons, a student-centered instructional strategy.

When: July 19-20, 2023

Where: Dallas, Texas, US

Who: An individual K-12 teacher, a small group of teachers, an individual school or district leader, or a leadership team wanting to learn more about foundations for Project-Based Learning and making their school a deeply engaging space for students and adults.


Join us for Growing School Engagement with Teacher and Leader Practices, a two-day offering at the New Tech Annual Conference (NTAC). Learn more:


Request for research for a systematic review on self-regulated learning and self-directed learning

We are conducting a systematic review on self-regulated learning (SRL) and self-directed learning (SDL) in problem-based learning (PBL) and project-based learning (PjBL), which is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research. We are interested in locating any quantitative study that examines the effect of PBL or PjBL on students’ self-regulation, self-regulated learning, metacognition, and self-directed learning skills. We are also interested in locating studies that examine relationships of SRL or SDL with other constructs, such as motivation or achievement in PBL or PjBL settings. We welcome both published and unpublished work, including conference presentations, unpublished dissertations, technical reports, raw data, or in-press manuscripts. If you know of other researchers who conduct research relevant to our topic, we would also greatly appreciate that information. We will formally cite all viable data we receive in our systematic review. Materials can be emailed to the following email addresses: or

Thank you,

Joyce Neroni (Open University of the Netherlands)

Samantha Vos (Open University of the Netherlands)

Martine Baars (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Lisette Wijnia (Open University of the Netherlands)