Message from SIG Chair
Message from SIG Chair
SIG Chair


Dear Problem-based and Project-Based Learning SIG members

Please accept my sincerest thanks for electing me to the post of SIG Chair. I am excited to work with the SIG’s continuing leadership team members, Heather Leary (Program Chair) and Lisette Wijnia (Communications Officer), and welcome our incoming Secretary/Treasurer, Nancy Holincheck. 

On behalf of the entire SIG community, let me pass on our enormous gratitude to Susan Bridges (outgoing Chair) who I know will remain active and involved in the SIG. 

I also want to express gratitude towards, Dr. Nell Duke, our keynote speaker at the SIG Business Meeting held during AERA.  Dr. Duke’s cluster randomized controlled trial[1] provides rigorous evidence of the impacts of PBL. We need to continue to build our research base and understand what works and for whom.  The ongoing research by our SIG members raises important questions about what and how we measure the impacts of PBL/PrBL in PK-12 settings. With the impact we seek so often extending beyond traditional measures of academic success we must continue to contribute research on the implementation and impacts of PBL/PrBL (see Krupa, Borden, Spires, and Himes presentation at our annual meeting on 9th-grade students’ science content knowledge and empowerment). 

I encourage our SIG members to continue to disseminate their research and provide much-needed evidence that connects research to practice and enables educators to provide authentic problem-based and project-based learning to students. 

Liz Bergeron
Chair, Problem‐Based and Project‐Based Learning SIG (#78)



[1] Duke, N.K., Halvorsen, A-L., Strachan, S.L., Kim, J., & Konstantopoulos, S. (June 2020). Putting PjBL to the Test: The Impact of Project-Based Learning on Second Graders’ Social Studies and Literacy Learning and Motivation in Low-SES School Settings. American Educational Research Journal.