Who We Are
Who We Are
Profile of SIG 20 Members

The members of the Classroom Observation SIG are an eclectic bunch!  We range from faculty members who research K-12 classrooms and include observations in our work to PhD researchers at universities who work on large-scale projects that examine best practices in classroom observations.  We are very interested in observation forms, video observations, and how we get the most information from our time viewing the important work that teachers are doing with their students.  

We are lucky to count many graduate students among our members, too!  

Join the Classroom Observation SIG if you want to be a part of the group that watches where the action happens in education - the CLASSROOM!  

SIG Officers

SIG Chairperson

Rebecca O’Brien


Whitworth University

Term expires April 2023


Program Chair & SIG Chair-Elect

Beth Adams


Southern Methodist University

Term as Program Chair expires April 2023



Cindy Guerrero


Texas A & M University

Term expires April 2024


Membership Chair/Webmaster

Jennifer D. Moss


Emporia State University

Term expires April 2024


Past SIG Chair

Amanda S. Mayeaux


University of Louisiana – Lafayette

Term expires April 2023

Structure & Governance

Classroom SIG officers are elected for two-year terms.  Additionally, the Program Chair automatically moves to the SIG Chair after two years.  

We elect our Secretary/Treasurer in even years and our Program Chair in odd years.  

The SIG Chair stays on as the Past SIG Chair for two years after their term of office is complete.  

Click here to access a copy of our current bylaws.

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