Meetings & Other Events
Meetings & Other Events


Happy September!

We would like to remind you of some important, free, upcoming events taking place at the crossroads of neuroscience, psychology, mental and physical health and wellbeing, and education and other learning sciences.

Events in the Learning Sciences open to AERA SIG 14 members for free:

  1. September 12, 2023: World Education Today: Insights from the launch of Education at a Glance. Information and registration below.

  2. September 28, 2023: “Artificial Intelligence for Education” UNESCO Chair, Dialogues between Science and Education. Information and registration below.

  3. Ongoing: OECD Education and Skills Webinar series. Link below.

  4. Ongoing: Centre for Educational Neuroscience Comunicar weblog. Link below.

  5. Ongoing: JALT Mind, Brain, and Education SIG. Link below

  6. Ongoing: The Jacob’s Foundation BOLE (Big Ideas for Growing Minds). Link below.

  7. September XX, 2023: IMBES Ask Me Anything Series.


“World Education Today: Insights from the launch of Education at a Glance” 

 September 12th , 1:00p.m. CET (GMT+2)

OECD Webinar series with Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director of Education and Skills, will present data and reveal insights from the 2023 report, which includes a special feature on Vocational Education and Training, with the aim of empowering educators, policymakers, and stakeholders with the data and analysis to shape their education systems.

Teacher salaries, hours of compulsory education, educator genders, conspiracy theories: data on all this and more is included in this year’s Education at a Glance (EAG). EAG is the most authoritative source of data published each year on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems across OECD countries and partner economies. 


“Artificial Intelligence for Education”

September 28, 2023 (Time - To be Announced)

UNESCO Dialogues Between Science and Education series run by Roberto Lent in Brazil: If you missed the dialogue on education and the cost of poverty related to developing brains, you can watch the recordings of that event and previous ones here.


OECD Education and Skills Webinar Series

OECD Education and  Skills webinar series covers a range of topics from neuroscience, the impact of war on children’s potential to learn, the results of trauma on the developing brain, the role of quality teachers, the impact of AI on education and more. Most recently they discussed “Unleashing the potential of digital technologies for education”. All publications and past webinars are available for viewing here.


Centre for Educational Neuroscience's Comunicar web blog

Centre for Educational Neuroscience’s Comunicar web blog is currently featuring an article on “Using neurotechnology in the classroom” among other topics. This is a great resource for understanding “translational” communication in the learning sciences.


JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers) Mind, Brain, and Education SIG

 JALT (Japan Association of Language Teachers) Mind, Brain, and Education SIG shares a digital magazine that approaches language from an MBE perspective. See the most recent issue here.


The Jacob Foundation BOLD blog (Big Ideas for Growing Minds)

The Jacob Foundation BOLD blog (Big Ideas For Growing Minds). BOLD is an interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to spreading the word about how children and young people develop and learn. Researchers at various stages of their careers – some are associated with the Jacobs Foundation, others are not – as well as science journalists, policymakers, and practitioners have their say on this platform. Their Learning adn Education section can be found here.

The Nature Partner Journal Science of Learning Community.

The Nature Partner Journal Science of Learning publishes brief synopsis of its peer reviewed articles. This is a very good example of
translational research. You can find the Community link here.

   Finally, we would like to invite you to get involved! New elections will be held for all board positions in the AERA SIG 14 Brain, Neurosciences, and Education in 2024. We hope you will consider running! We are also looking for volunteers to help run the new Lifetime Achievement Award committee and to expand other programs. Please contact any of the current Board members if you have questions. 

Luciano Cid, Ph.D. (Chair)

Robert Wiley, Ph.D. (Program Chair)

Kent Divoll, Ph.D. (Treasurer)

Kristin Simmers (Graduate Student representative)

Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa Ph.D. (Secretary)

Past Events

computer“Basic sources of information for quality information: News from the learning sciences." The AERA Brain, Neurosciences and Education SIG Teacher-Researcher Practitioner Series

July 26th, 4:00-5:00 p.m.CET (GMT+2)

Click the Zoom link for this interactive workshop



The next virtual gathering for the SIG is schedule for June 24th. Neither the time nor the topic have been set yet.  However, the Executive Board will have details for the members by next week. Last gathering went great, and we were able to get to know each other personally and professionally. Our intent is to continue this trend as we move into the future.

Looking forward to meeting everyone there,

Luciano Cid

Current Chair

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