Meetings & Other Events
Meetings & Other Events
CV Support: March 30 6:30 pm ET

Hosted by AERA Division K

Division K February Virtual Session

Div K February Session637807387801733394

Division K October Virtual Session

Div K October Session637807387518872340

The Book Talk

2021 Division K Holiday Book Talk637807387056201607

Weekly Global Writing

Division K GSEB Writing Session during Fall, 2021
Div K Global Writing Group637807385699494171

Continuing the Conversations: Virtual Events for 2020-2021

Division K, led by Megan Madigan Peercy, David Stroupe and Manka Varghese, is planning a number of virtual events that will provide opportunities for us to engage in conversations about critical issues in teaching and teacher education.  Our inaugural event was held on Thursday, May 21. 

The Times of Crises: Teacher Education, Radical Justice and Humanity panel featured Cheryl Matias, James Martinez, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz and Christine Sleeter and was moderated by Alyssa Dunn and Ashley Moore.  Over 350 members attended.  We are very appreciative of the panelist and everyone who attended.  The current moment urgently calls for the type of anti-racist, transformative teacher education the panelists discussed. 

The recording of the event will soon be available for viewing here on the AERA webpage...

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Please watch for information about future events...





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