Carlos J. Vallejo Awards

In memory of the AERA Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Special Interest Group (SIG) founder, Dr. Carlos J. Vallejo, each year the MC/ME SIG honors individuals who exemplify the scholar-practitioner focus of the SIG through their contributions to the field of multicultural and multiethnic education. Special emphasis is placed on those nominations of scholar-practitioners who - over the trajectory of their career - demonstrate a steadfast commitment to scholarshp, service and/or practice that advances urgent issues in multicultural/multiethnic education, including but not limited to efforts to improve research, teaching, and/or policy in the field.

Dr. Carlos J. Vallejo was a professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at Arizona State University. Dr. Vallejo's 2nd beloved family were the people at Arizona State University where he worked for 30 years.

Dr. Vallejo was a community leader with a passion for teaching and social justice. His scholarship was community-driven and focused on the development and diversification of the teacher pipeline. He inspired his students to empower and uplift their communities. In line with his commitment to praxis, he was actively engaged in community efforts in Phoenix and secured grants to diversify the teaching force in this region.

As such, our three awards recognize scholars that embody Dr. Vallejo’s legacy of cultivating change through scholarship and practice.  The SIG recognizes that contributions in these areas can be distinct along different career milestones and has, accordingly, identified an Early, Mid, and Lifetime Achievement award as described below. 

Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Award for Emerging Scholarship 

The purpose of this award is to recognize an advanced doctoral student, faculty member, or professional whose scholarly contributions are poised to contribute to scholarship in the field of multicultural/multiethnic education. Nominee must be within one to ten years of experience in the field. 

Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Award for Exemplary Scholarship 

The purpose of this award is to recognize a mid-career scholar, faculty member, or professional with more than nine but less than twenty years of experience in the field whose scholarly contributions to multicultural/multiethnic education have been vital to research, theory, and/or practice in this field.

Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Award for Lifetime Scholarship 

The purpose of this award is to recognize a senior-level scholar, faculty member, or professional whose scholarly career contributions span more than twenty years of experience in the field. For this award, nominee contributions to multicultural/multiethnic education have and continue to play a significant role in shaping the field and have been vital to research, theory, and or practice in this field.

2023 Nomination Process

The deadline to submit nominations for the 2024 AERA Multicultural/Multiethnic Education SIG Dr. Carlos J. Vallejo Memorial Awards is January 12, 2024. 


1. An up to two-page letter of nomination. The nomination letter can be a self-nomination, from a member of the candidate's dissertation committee, or from a colleague. The nomination letter should provide an overview of the candidate's scholarship and their contribution to multicultural and multiethnic education through their service and practice.

2. An up to three-page C.V. that includes the following areas:

  • Professional preparation: Institution, Location, Major/Area of Study, Degree, Year
  • Appointments: Position Title, Organization and Location, Dates
  • Up to five (5) publications/presentations most closely related to awards criteria
  • Up to five (5) service contributions most closely related to awards criteria
  • Other: Up to five (5) additional examples of other indicators of scholarship and impact (e.g., awards, additional products, grants)

3. Two scholarly publications or evidence that demonstrates scholarship, service, or practice in issues related to multicultural/multiethnic education.

4. An up to two-page letter of support from an individual familiar with the nominee’s contributions to multicultural/multiethnic education. That letter should also detail any related contributions or evidence not reflected in the C.V.

Please submit your complete nominations including all four (4) items merged into one PDF file (with file name Award Category_Nominee Last Name.pdf) using APA formatting guidelines (e.g., single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font). Alternatively, you may upload the first three items (as one PDF) and email the letter of support separately to 2024 Nomination Submission Link


Lifetime Scholarship Recipients
  • Charlotte Nirmalani “Lani” Gunawardena (2023)
  • Carlos Nevarez (2022)
  • Geneva Gay (2021)
  • Maya Kalyanpur (2020)
  • Omiunota N. Ukpokodu (2019)
  • Marybeth Gasman (2018)
  • James Moore III (2017)
  • Marjorie Haley (2016)
  • Tyrone Howard (2015)
  • Beth Blue Swadener (2014)
  • Christine Sleeter (2012)
  • Daniel Solórzano (2011)
  • Jesus Trevino (2010)
  • Caroline S. Turner (2009)
Exemplary Scholarship Recipients
  • Greg Wiggan (2023)
  • Sydney Freeman, Jr. (2022)
  • Tiffany F. Boykin (2021)
  • Dave Louis (2020)
  • Christopher B. Newman (2019)
  • Eddie Comeaux (2018)
  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner (2017)
  • J. Luke Wood (2016)
  • Uma Jayakumar (2015)
  • Samuel D. Museus (2014)
  • Rich Milner (2013)
  • Jerlando F. L. Jackson (2012)
  • Rene Felix Antrop-Gonzalez (2011)
  • Milton Rosa (2010)


Emerging Scholarship Recipients
  • Kayon Murray-Johnson (2023)
  • Royel M. Johnson (2022)
  • Deniece Dortch (2021)
  • Lydiah Kiramba (2020)
  • Susan V. Bennett (2019)
  • Jemimah L. Young (2019)
  • Alex Kumi-Yeboah (2018)
  • Chezare Warren (2017)
  • LaVar Charleston (2016)
  • Darris Means (2015)
  • Donald Mitchell, Jr. (2014)
  • AnnMarie Gunn (2013)
  • Robert T. Palmer (2012)
  • Tiffany Patrice Fountaine (2011)
  • Adriel A. Hilton (2010)
  • Erica Mohan (2009)